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Izod has launched a campaign for its menswear line, starring Saturday Night Live cast member and head writer Colin Jost and Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The two spend the length of the spot poking fun at traditional menswear spots, including its own.

Jost plays the protagonist, weaving his way through worn-out tropes, like playing football in full casual wear, posing for multiple glamour shots with stereotypically attractive models.

Aaron Rodgers appears in an obligatory MVP cameo, huddling with the boys by day, and playing way-too-calm DJ at night, as Jost tries to charm the crowd with a ping-pong match — by using nunchucks.

The campaign was created by parent company PVH’s in-house marketing team, with the assistance of Jost, who helped develop the script with them. The result, says Izod, gives the brand a a new comedic voice in a market that normally takes its advertising way too seriously.

Mike Kelly, PVH’s chief marketer for its heritage brands and chief innovation officer said: “We set out to develop a spot that would make Izod consumers do a double-take, while also letting them know we’re in on the joke. Izod has always been known as the go-to brand for golf and the beach, but we wanted to make it top-of-mind for the fall as well. This fresh concept allows us to break through the seasonal mindset.”

Jost added: "I liked the idea of doing an ad that was self-aware and that made fun of all the weird tropes from fashion commercials. I wanted to be the guy in the commercial looking around like, ‘Who are these people?’”

Rodgers, who got to show his wittier side in this campaign, said:  “I really liked the concept of the spot and had a blast shooting with Izod. I know fans will appreciate the humor Colin and I brought to the field, and may even be surprised by my lesser-known ‘off-the-field talents’ shown in these spots.”

One of those talents, as shown in the brand’s instagram account: meme-making mix master.

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