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ESPN is starting its thirteenth season of "Monday Night Football" with an all-new halftime concept that it hopes will prove to be music to its viewers' earsespecially those who could use a break from the usual run of mid-game commercial interruptions.

For the first time, ESPN will introduce a musical element to the "Monday Night Football" halftime show, an effort developed in conjunction with incoming marquee sponsor Genesis. A relative newcomer to the U.S. market, Hyundai's standalone luxury brand is replacing incumbent sponsor Toyota, which recently jumped ship to assume the halftime sponsorship of Fox's "Thursday Night Football."

The resulting Genesis Halftime Show aspires to offer "Monday Night Football" fans a scaled-down variation of the annual show biz extravaganza that takes place between the two halves of the Super Bowl. In some cases, the weekly musical performances will take place live and on the home team's turf, while other halftime packages will be built around pre-recorded material captured in local concert halls and other venues.

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