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: 'Not Everything is a Crisis '

Date: September 2018
Samsung Galaxy is extolling the virtues of a long battery life in ‘No Crisis’ the musical, which looks to put phone-related panic firmly into perspective.
To promote the Galaxy Note9’s trusty battery life, Samsung Israel developed a musical ad exploring the nature of 'crisis, poking fun at mobile dependency along the way.
The spot from Leo Burnett Israel opens with over-egged panic triggered by an empty battery in a device, with no charger to save the day. Enter stage left: a pianist gives the camera a knowing look to humorously undermine the workers 'crisis,' before the scene dissolves in a musical number. 
The viewer is then taken on a fanciful journey through real disasters, such as missed flights, getting locked in a sauna, and crashing into the Nasdaq, which urges them to 'keep the crisis for the real crisis'.
Running for 90 seconds the ad outlines the benefits of the new product, chiefly an all-day battery, a Bluetooth S-Pen and ‘super powerful performance’.
Agency Credits: Leo Burnett
CEO- Adam Polachek
Chief Creative Officer: Ami Alush
Chief Account Officer: Idit Zukerman
Chief Strategy Officer: Shai Nissenboim
Strategic Planner: Liz Stull
Art Director: Meital Miller
Copywriter: Oren Ben Naim, Elad Gaizler, Tal Menkes
Agency Producer: Menny Zarhia
Account Supervisor: Sapir Aharoni
Account Executive: Nofar Zinger
Social Account Manager: Lio Schafferman
Traffic Manager: Maya Varochik
Marcom Director: Eva Hasson
: Tal Zagreba
Graphic Designer: Oren Bar
Musical Composer & Musical Arrangements: Shlomi Shaban
Photographer: Roman Linetsky
Art Director: Neta Dror
Active Director: Ravit Aviv
Composition and Design: Vadim Bar Zakharin,  Tal Porat, Amir Steiner and Gal Primack Najari
3D: Omer Arieli
Editor: Shahar Be'eri
Musical Production: Niv and Meital (Nov)
Sound: Sidney Toledano
Production and post production: Omri Paz Productions
Producer of the post: Ophir Tal
Tags: Israel, Ad of the Day, creative works
Samsung: 'Not everything is a crisis'


: 'Must-Haves'

Date: September 2018
Marks & Spencer’s Clothing & Home division has unveiled its first work as a standalone marketing function, choosing to abandon broadcast TV spots in favour of digital for a product-focused campaign.
‘Must-Haves’ highlights on a swathe of Autumn essentials from across the womenswear, menswear, kidswear, home and beauty departments. The hero film, which plays out to David Bowie’s Modern Love, is a montage of well-dressed women admiring other well-dressed women’s outfits around London.
The new marketing team hopes the work underscores its fresh strategy that is ‘more seasonally relevant, more inspirational and more agile in utilising digital channels to target customers’.
Client: Marks & Spencer, Nathan Ansell, Director of Marketing C&H Zoe Hayward, Head of Marketing C&H
Louise Bancroft, Marketing Manager C&H
Creative Director: Luke Williamson
Art director: Lisa Comerford
Agency producer: Leah Stolerman, James Plaxton
Creative producer: Claire Ramasamy
Planner: Sarah Oberman
Account management: Katie Jackson, Sophie Fredheim, Alice Lowden, Emilie Jenner
Media agency: Mindshare
Media planner: Richard Tudor
Production company: The Production Factory
Director: Mark Gostick and Luke Williamson,
Editor: Tim Goddard at Town Productions
DOP: Mark Gostick
Post-production: GPS
Tags: UK, Marks & Spencer

: 'Perfect Man'

Date: September 2018
Heineken is looking to woo millennials with a global campaign that has injected some fun into its marketing.
Part of a new strategy, the campaign comprises three new hero TV commercials that will individually focus on Heineken's sports sponsorships: Uefa Champions League, Formula 1 (F1) and the Rugby World Cup. 
The launch ad, 'Perfect Man', is set in a Monte Carlo ballroom, at a F1 after party, and it couldn't get more glitzy if it tried.  
Using F1 as a motif throughout, Heineken aims to encourage their consumers to look at life less seriously and with a fresh perspective. 
Beneath the painted ceilings and crystal chandeliers, a band racers decked out in full gear – including helmets –  perform for the glamorous congregation. Meanwhile, our 'Perfect Man' David Coulthard is in pole position as he circuits the party with as much grace as he exercises on track (with thanks for his trusty pit crew out back.) 
F1 'Perfect Man' will be the first to launch, and will coincide with the F1's Heineken-sponsored tournament in Italy.
It will feature across digital before rolling out in other markets. 
Sr. Director Global Heineken® Brand: Gianluca Di Tondo
Global Heineken® Integrated Communication and CMI Manager: Daniela Iebba
Global Heineken® Brand Communication Manager: Maja Mikielska?
Global Chief Creative Officer Publicis WW & CEO Publicis Italy: Bruno Bertelli
Chief Creative Officer Publicis Italy: Cristiana Boccassini
Executive Creative Director: Luca Cinquepalmi
Executive Creative Director: Marco Venturelli
Associate Creative Director: Fabrizio Tamagni
Associate Creative Director: Michela Talamona
International Strategic Planner: James Moore
Head TV Production: Mariella Maiorano
Producer: Viviana Biondolillo
Worldwide Account Director: David Pagnoni
International Client Service Director: Davide Gonzato
Account Director: Tommy Cottam
International Account Manager: Derek Muller
Production Company: Iconoclast
DOP: Lasse Frank                                                    
Executive Producer: Charlotte Marmion
Line Producer: Guillaume Lefrancois
Production Coordinator: Emma Palatin?
Production Designer: Marco Puig
Costume Designer: Mimi Lempicka 
Casting Director: Emma Skowronek
Tags: Italy, Ads We Like, advertising, creative works

: 'A Little Bottle of Science (Not Magic)'

Date: September 2018
Following the commercial success of Yakult’s 2016 campaign ‘Science not Magic’, the Japanese fermented milk drink brand is back with the next epic installment.
The 30-second TVC opens on a mystical place of wonder located on a floating island paradise, as a circle of devoted followers are met by a red-dressed heroine holding an ancient, oversized bottle of Yakult. The numerous magical rituals that are purported to create Yakult are described by a first voiceover; from an ‘ancient shuffle’ to a ‘mystical hand swirl’, they supposedly all help to awaken the spirits of the beautiful gut.
The actions stir up a magical whirlwind which, before reaching full momentum, is frozen by a second straight-talking voiceover which imparts that Yakult isn’t the result of a magical ritual but is actually developed by Japanese scientists. The revelation pulls the rug on the mystical tale and the whirlwind disappears. A hand illustrated end frame animates on screen to show the iconic Yakult bottle and the super ‘A Little Bottle of Science (not Magic)’; the traditional painted style linking to the wider print, social and digital creative, also launching in September.
The 360 campaign, supported by TV, Print, Social, Outdoor and Radio, was created by Quiet Storm and continues to dispel myths surrounding Yakult’s creation, reinforcing in the narrative that Yakult is ‘A Little Bottle of Science (not magic)’.
The distinctive ‘epic’ feel of the creative has allowed for better cut through and enabled Yakult to extend their Japanese heritage and scientific credentials by making science relevant, engaging and fun. The new campaign will help further build upon Yakult’s science-based offering, boosting confidence in the minds of consumer.
Creative Directors Matthew Mifsud, Laurence Quinn
Planner Jon Howard
Art Director Matthew Mifsud
Copywriter Laurence Quinn
Account Director Miles McWilliam
Agency Producer Elin Tiberg
Director/ Production Co Tim Brown
Producer Elin Tiberg
Editor David Owen
Post Production Coffee and TV
Sound Design Wave
DoP Mark Patten
Media planning/buying Hearts & Science
Tags: UK, Quiet Storm, Yakult

: 'The Simple Gesture That Takes Care Of Everything'

Date: September 2018
Paylib, the mobile payment solution supported by the major French banks, has launched a new advertising campaign. This campaign introduces the new communication platform of the brand around the swipe gesture in any circumstance.
The first TV spot will be centered around the contactless mobile payment in stores. The service by Paylib is illustrated by a 80-second comedic spot. Two other films will follow introducing the payment between friends functionality and the friction less online payment.
This campaign marks the largest communication action since the creation of Paylib in 2013. Supported by a heavy media plan, the new Paylib film will appear online, in cinemas and on TV.
The films were shot by director Vincent Lobelle (Iconoclast Paris) who brought to the scripts his comedic timing and prowess of directing actors. The music is an original composition by duo Eraldo Bernocchi and Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari.
Tags: France, TV, finance, banking
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: 'Positively Different'

Date: September 2018
Vitality has launched its first ever integrated marketing campaign that encompasses its brands and business lines to celebrate the new brand proposition, ‘Positively Different’.
The proposition – positively different health and life insurance – underlines the core purpose of the brand which rewards members for healthy behaviour delivering, in turn, a positive difference for members and society alike. This unique approach, rooted in Vitality’s proprietary Shared Value Model, has been one of the secrets to the brand’s exponential growth with more than a million UK members now benefitting from the Vitality model.
Utilising existing brand assets including iconic Stanley the Dachshund, the lead TV and cinema creative features Vitality Ambassadors Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, Jonny Wilkinson and Seb Coe in unexpected roles while underscoring the brand’s existing partnerships with parkrun and the Vitality Wellness Festivals.
The campaign, which was developed with creative agency Snap London, demonstrates the importance of outdoor activity and exercise that is accessible to everyone, while the visuals and soundtrack sum up everyday Brits’ typical park lives.
The advertising campaign will break in cinemas on 3 September subsequently moving onto TV, radio, print and digital throughout the autumn
Agency: SNAP LDN
Production Company: Merman
Creative Team: Ed Cox & Tony Clements
Director: Will Clark
Producer: Clara Bennett
Editor: Joe Wilby at Marshall Street Editors
Sound: 750mph and Soho Music
Tags: UK
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: 'Human Search Machine'

Date: September 2018
Remember A Charity has launched the Human Search Engine. Combining over a thousand years of real-life experience, the Human Search Engine provides the answers to the life’s biggest questions from those who have lived it. 
Remember A Charity is a consortium of over 200 charities, dedicated to inspiring more people to leave a gift to charity in their Will. Every year, they team up with Atomic London to create a Remember A Charity Week campaign. This year, they’ve created the Human Search Engine, the search engine powered by people not algorithms.
Every day people all over the world use Google to find the answers to life’s biggest questions. Love. Loss. Relationships. Life goals. When it comes down to it, algorithms aren’t actually that good at answering these most challenging of questions – but people are.
For Remember A Charity Week, Atomic has searched for the biggest questions people ask the internet and we’ve brought together people who can answer them: the older generation, charities and charity supporters.
From love to loss to the meaning of life and the future of humanity, the Human Search Engine passes on many lifetimes worth of wisdom to the next generation; a lasting monument to the value of personal advice in an increasingly digital world.
It works just like your typical search engine. Ask one of life’s biggest questions and you’ll be given a list of search results. But unlike a regular search engine, you’ll find video responses to your question rather than links. If you’re wondering on the meaning of life, start a search and hear what an octogenarian, a veteran and an aid worker have to say on the issue…   
Executive Creative Director: Guy Bradbury & Dave Henderson
Head of Design: Pete Mould
Planner: Bryn Walbrook
Creative Team: Max Sizeland, James Halladay, Kathryn Jackson
Project Manager: Charlie Berry
Account Director: Sivanne Lewis
Account Manager: Scarlett Aldridge
Casting / Director: Jon Levene
Director, Remember A Charity: Rob Cope
Marketing Manager, Remember A charity: Lucinda Darby
Tags: UK

: 'Nothing Hidden'

Date: September 2018
Virgin Mobile breaks the myth about Bigfoot ( a hairy, upright-walking, ape-like being who reportedly dwells in the wilderness and leaves behind large footprints) in its latest campaign.
The campaign 'Nothing Hidden' conceptualised by Publicis Dublin and directed by Sweetshop's director Tore Frandsen begins with people gasping and acting afraid and then it is revealed that it was because of the Bigfoot. However, to everyone's surprise, Bigfoot greets everyone in a friendly manner and reveals that he doesn't want to stay hidden anymore.
The film was shot in Ireland on a set.
Tags: UK
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