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If you're tired of throwing away past-their-prime bananas, a South Korean supermarket chain has the solution for you: packaged bananas, each of which contains varying levels of ripeness. A Korean-American blogger who goes by the name of T.K. Park was the first to tweet about E-Mart's solution to ensuring that your week's supply of bananas both start and end with a perfect one, saving you the problem of under-ripe fruit at the beginning of the week, and over-ripe fruit at week's end. On Friday, a pack of six was selling for 2,980 South Korean won on E-Mart's website, the equivalent of approximately $2.65 American dollars.

Many on Twitter thought the idea was genius:

Some sell better products, others sell existing products better. E-mart in Korea offers "One-A-Day" banana pack with different ripeness so that you can eat them over several days. Plastic packaging aside, this is brilliant! #sales #salestip #selling #marketing

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