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You've probably heard that Sacha Baron Cohen has returned to TV; his new show "Who Is America?" has been making headlines even before its premiere because various public figures (including Sarah Palin) have been complaining about having been duped into appearing on it.

On Sunday night, Showtime aired the first installment of Cohen's latest dark comedy series and also, smartly, released show's the most explosive and buzzworthy segment (embedded above), which has gone instantly viral. (Palin isn't in the first episode, btw.) Like Cohen's old "Da Ali G Show," "Who Is America?" is an equal-opportunity offender, and during the full episode Cohen skewers the left and the right via indelible fictional characters (once again, he's a master of disguise). For instance, as an obnoxious liberal activist named Dr. Nira Cain-N'Degeocello, Cohen engages in dinner conversation with a gracious, wealthy Trump-supporting married couple, and expounds upon, among other things, his parental efforts to defy gender norms (e.g., forcing his son to sit down while peeing and his daughter to stand up), to their horror.

Three other Cohen characters appear on the first episode: Billy Wayne Ruddick Jr., Ph.D., an Alex Jones-type conspiracy theorist; Rick Sherman, an ex-convict-turned-artist; and Erran Morad, an Israeli anti-terrorism expert and gun advocate. Morad "stars" in the first episode's closing segment, above, and it is simply ... jaw-dropping.

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