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A batch of young athletes take their training to extreme lengths in the latest spot from Nike and Dick’s Sporting Goods by Wieden+Kennedy.

The spot, ‘Play Like You Own It,’ shows several different kids taking the reins for their own training, going to the limits but having fun while doing it. According to a release, the ad shows viewers that somewhere along the line, sport became too specialized and standardized. It stopped being play and became work, and in doing so, lost some of the heart of the very people who make sport great: kids.

Watching the kids take their respective sports back is inspiring and exhilarating. In one scenario, kids in batting helmets and wearing baseball gloves sneak on to a golf driving range and dive and slide in their attempts to catch speeding golf balls. In another, a boy and girl kick a soccer ball through the legs of cows in a tight pen, in an attempt to hone their skills. We also see lacrosse players using eggs rather than balls to sharpen their catching abilities; a soccer player kicking balls from a rooftop field over to a cross-street building; flag football with an ATV in rough terrain; a tennis player hitting against multiple ball cannons; two kids trying to evade squirting fountain blasts with their basketballs; and a football player trying to thread the needle on a pass to a moving truck.

The spot launched today (July 13) and is currently playing pre-roll at cinemas and digitally on Nike and Dick's channels as well as athlete handles. The commercial will air on broadcast around the ESPYs on July 18. 

This campaign was produced by Stacy Wall and Taylor Twist, from Imperial Woodpecker.

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