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Pizza brand Papa John's has retracted founder John Schnatter's image from logos and TV ads after he reportedly used a racial slur.

As per a Forbes report, Schnatter used a racist term during a media training conference. Following the incident, Schnatter stepped down as chairman and issued a statement of apology acknowledging the use of "inappropriate and hurtful" language.

Following the controversy, NFL ended its sponsorship deal with Papa John's in February and MLB too ended its association.

Meanwhile, New York Yankees in a statement said: “In response to the reprehensible remarks made by Papa John’s founder and owner, the New York Yankees are suspending their relationship with the company.”

Baseball team Miami Marlins too ended its relation with Papa John's, saying: "We are committed to an inclusive environment for all of our fans. Mr. Schnatter’s derogatory and insensitive comments are not at all reflective of the values of our organization."