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You may have noticed a little thing going around on Twitter this week in which reporters were sharing "Jobs I had before journalism."

I try not to navel-gaze too terribly much on Twitter (unless it's on the various ways in which Chicago hot dogs are superior to New York's sad attempts), so I thought I'd turn it around on you fine folks this week: What was your pre-agency summer job and what did it teach you about the ad world?

Laura Maness, CEO of Havas NY worked at a TCBY one summer and was robbed (which she says taught her to be "unafraid and fearless" and to "stay cool under pressure"). Arnold CEO Kiran Smith sold Cutco knives, where she says she learned how to convince people to try something the didn't know they needed. Preacher partner and chief creative Rob Baird delivered ice to rural Texas convenience stores and bars, which he says taught him not to wait too long to jump on the task at hand (ice melts!). Firstborn senior VP and executive creative director Dave Snyder dug ditches in the desert of Las Vegas for a summer job at the water district.

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