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Welcome to Ad Age's Wake-Up Call, our daily roundup of advertising, marketing, media and digital news. You can get an audio version of this briefing on your Alexa device. Search for "Ad Age" under "Skills" in the Alexa app. What people are talking about today: It took just 45 minutes for a Missouri jury on Thursday to order Johnson & Johnson, the maker of Johnson's Baby Powder, to pay $4.69 billion "to 22 women and their families who had claimed that asbestos in the company's talcum powder products caused them to develop ovarian cancer," The New York Times reports. Six of those women, it said, have died. The Wall Street Journal calls it "the biggest single verdict in such cases so far." In a statement on its website, J&J said in part that it's "deeply disappointed in the verdict" and that the result, "which awarded the exact same amounts to all plaintiffs irrespective of their individual facts, and differences in applicable law, reflects that the evidence in the case was simply overwhelmed by the prejudice of this type of proceeding."

Olson resigns Papa John's

The trouble continues for Papa John's with the resignation of its PR agency, Olson Engage, reports Ad Age's Jessica Wohl. Olson said Thursday that it had resigned the account, which it's had since February, following the controversy over founder John Schnatter's use of the "n"-word in a May conference call with then-agency Laundry Service, and his subsequent resignation as chairman of the board.

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