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If you noticed a dip in your Twitter follower account today, you're not alone. Twitter has warned users and brands that it is purging more accounts from the service and they could see a dip in followers.

The media-messaging service is focusing on locked accounts in its latest effort to clean up spam, bots and otherwise fraudulent activity. On Wednesday it announced that locked accounts will no longer appear in follower numbers. Locked accounts are those that Twitter has deemed suspect and then subsequently frozen from tweeting. An account can draw Twitter's suspicion through changes in behavior that makes it seem like the account has been overtaken by fraudsters.

Locked accounts had previously appeared in follower counts giving an inflated impresion of the active audience for a given brand or creator. Twitter said the latest enforcement would only slightly impact most people's follower numbers, dropping them by four on average, but the larger accounts could see a "more significant" drop.

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