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Jay-Z's music video tribute to his mother, Apple's stunning Spike Jonze-directed "Welcome Home" film, and a moving integrated campaign from Dutch telecom brand KPM that makes a historical moment relevant for young viewers earned Grand Prix in the Cannes Lions Entertainment categories.

The Entertainment Lions are meant to celebrate creativity that "turns content into culture." In the case of this year's winner, that culture-creating idea was also an educational one. "Evert_45" is an integrated campaign from Dutch telecom brand KPN and agency N=5 Amsterdam. It uses modern day forms of communication -- like social media and YouTube -- to bring World War II stories of Dutch veterans to life for younger generations. Jury President Debbi Vandeven, global chief creative officer of VML, said that during judging, the jurors had two criteria: Is the brand relevant? And is the work something that drives culture?

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