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President Trump, as you've probably heard by now, brought a fake movie trailer (on an iPad) to his summit meeting with Kim Jong-un in an attempt to dazzle the North Korean despot with ... stock footage and a breathless voiceover about how the two heroic leaders could change the course of history. If you haven't seen it yet, Stephen Colbert plays excerpts from the surreal production in the segment below from last night's "Late Show"which helpfully decided to one-up the Trump Adminstration by making an even more over-the-top fake movie trailer. The trailer, which Colbert shows in full, is for a non-existent movie titled "The Summit of All Fears: Mission Kimpossible 2: Singapore Drift."

Meanwhile, The New York Times also decided to have fun with Trump's fake movie trailer. Scroll down to watch what the paper's Opinion section video team calls "a more honest makeover."

Here's The New York Times' version, titled "Trump Made Kim a Movie Trailer. We Made It Better":

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