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LinkedIn is positioned to court more advertiser and user dollars with the rollout of its new carousel ad product.

The Microsoft-owned professional network lags a few years behind Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in adopting the feature but it now allows advertisers to ‘tell a story through a series of images’.

Rohan Rajiv, product manager of LinkedIn, said: “In B2B marketing, we sometimes forget the importance of storytelling to build a deeper relationship with our audience. Getting your brand to stand out amid the noise is a challenge, but these connections can create more memorable experiences and keep your brand top of mind.

“Today, we’re excited to announce carousel for Sponsored Content, a new way to tell your brand story and interact with your target audience on LinkedIn. This offering allows you to add texture to your stories by featuring multiple visuals that people can horizontally swipe through while on the LinkedIn feed.”

Users can insert up to 10 customizable cards to tell the story of campaigns, products or even brands. LinkedIn said 75% of beta testers said they would use the feature again.