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Domino's Pizza has taken an unusual approach in publicising itself as the food of choice during the World Cup, by reflecting on retired English footballer Jimmy Bullard's failure to ever make it to the tournament.

An ad campaign from the pizza brand and VCCP shows Bullard performing mundane household tasks during the World Cup. The tongue-in-check slots champion 'Staying at Home for International Tournaments'.

Many a talented footballer have never made a tournament by there is something heart-breaking in Bullard's understated performances as he mends fences, plays midnight Subbuteo and hoovers his house.

Helping extend the reach of the campaign is a partnership with Sport Bible, that will help seed the work through YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as well as through CRM.

The work ties in with the wider brand motto 'The Official Food of Everything', which launched in September 2017.

Tony Holdway, sales and marketing director at Domino’s Pizza Group, said: “Who better to represent the true spirit of watching the football from the comfort of your own home, than with Jimmy Bullard, one of the best players to never play for England. What Jimmy lacks in national team caps he more than makes up for in his ability to deliver deadpan lines to camera, and laugh at himself in the process.

"A brilliant campaign with a fantastic front man, that we hope our customers will love as they watch the undoubted football highs and lows in the coming weeks."

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: Domino's 'Staying at home for international tournaments: With Jimmy Bullard'

Client: Domino's
Date: June 2018
Executive Creative Director: Matt Lever
Creative Director: Dan Glover James & Elias Torres and Danny Symes & Jake Fisk
Editorial: Bianca Englington
Planner: Nathan Velayudhan
Business Director: Jess Aspinall
Account Director: Alex Dalman & Harriet Guppy
Account Manager: Matt Bonny
Production Company: VCCP KIN
Director: Sami Abusamra
Executive Producers: Greta Wynn Davies
Producer: Carly Harrison & Maxine Denton
Post-production: Dan Tagoe @ VCCP Kin
Colourist: Steffan Perry @ Framestore
Audio post-production: 750mph – James Cobbold
Tags: World