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Aktuellmix: Hershey's 'Hold the Bar'

Agency: Aktuellmix
Client: Hershey's
Date: May 2018
How does a brand leave the gringo image behind and be part of the conversation in the Brazilian Internet? Owning it. 
Hershey’s related its chocolate bars to a popular expression used in one of the greatest hits of the 90s in Brazilian music. The slang ‘’hold this bar’’ is the chorus of Cheia de Manias, by Luiz Carlos. Despite its huge success the song didn’t have a clip, so Hershey’s decided to create an official one in the rhythm of reggaetón.
The brand proposed a challenge to find out who’s ‘’the best bar holder in Brazil’’: how long can someone hold the computer spacebar? The website had hours of exclusive branded content and a prize in gold bars. 
Agency: Aktuellmix
Brand: Hershey
Country: Brazil
Entrant Company: Aktuellmix, São Paulo
Advertising Agency: Aktuellmix, São Paulo
Media Agency: Aktuellmix, São Paulo
Chairman/Partner: Rodrigo Rivellino (Aktuellmix)
Partner/Co-CEO: Celio Ashcar Jr. (Aktuellmix), Mario Medina (Aktuellmix)
VP Strategic Planning and Creation: Fabio Mergulhão (Aktuellmix)
Creative Director: Adriano Panda (Aktuellmix)
Creative Lead: Erica Igue (Aktuellmix), Rodrigo Joia (Aktuellmix)
Art Director: Rodrigo Joia (Aktuellmix), Maurício Quitero (Aktuellmix)
Copywriter: Erica Igue (Aktuellmix), Lucas Negreiros (Aktuellmix), Bianca Ramos (Aktuellmix) Rebeca Avila (Aktuellmix)
Strategic Planning Director: Gabriel Boaventura (Aktuellmix)
Strategic Planning: Gabriel Boaventura (Aktuellmix)
Artbuyer: Edson Silva (Aktuellmix), Andrea Carmassi (Aktuellmix)
Account Director: Juliana Pileggi (Aktuellmix)
Account Manager: Daniela Bayer (Aktuellmix)
Account Assistant: Alexandre Nobrega (Aktuellmix)
Executive Production: Priscila Pacionotto (Aktuellmix), Rodrigo Niro (Aktuellmix)
Print Production: Rodrigo Merigue (Aktuellmix), Amanda Xavier (Aktuellmix)
Media Director: Filipe Crespo (Aktuellmix)
Media Manager: Nathalia Cantalejo (Aktuellmix)
Product Design: Waldir Rugno (Aktuellmix)
Illustrator: Iuri Nogueira (Aktuellmix)
Photography: Paulo José Leite Jr
Film Production Company: Time Riding 
Film Director: Dan Reis (Time Riding)
Photography Director: Paulo Leite Jr. (Time Riding)
Sound Production Company: Time Riding?Sound Direction: Thiago Gigliarano e Débora Murakawa (Time Riding)?Art Treatment: Marcelo Xavier (Aktuellmix) e Clesio Teixeira (Aktuellmix)?Illustration Studio: Big Studios e R2 Studio
Client: Marcel Sacco (Hershey), Gustavo Milo Marasco (Hershey), Patricia Prado Gonçalves (Hershey), Amanda Luisi Mendonça (Hershey)
Tags: Brazil
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Yard NYC: Schutz 'Because'

Agency: Yard NYC
Client: Schutz
Date: May 2018
Schutz, has unveiled a new branding concept and the 'Because' campaign, created in partnership with Yard NYC. With the upcoming opening of the brand’s largest pop-up shop to date in the heart of New York City, the campaign is designed to launch Schutz’s first major marketing push in the US and celebrate it as a more diversified brand – both in terms of product and geography.
To support this launch and initiative, Yard NYC’s strategy focused on developing a concept and a campaign that would help expand Schutz’s reputation, reconnecting with its Brazilian and global audiences and building greater recognition amongst American consumers as the ‘world’s best-kept secret’ in footwear. This led to the development of 'Because' a freshly conceived creative platform born from the insight that you don’t have to explain yourself.
The brand tapped Adriana Lima, a notable Brazilian-born supermodel in both North and South America, as the company’s campaign star and brand ambassador. For the first edition of the new campaign, Lima was photographed in four separate scenarios. The series captures moments of stylish irreverence and spontaneity on the streets of SoHo. This will appear in the company’s stores, digital mediums, and in high-visibility outdoor locations in downtown New York. Two more releases will be revealed over the coming year featuring Lima.
• Stephen Niedzwiecki Chief Creative Officer
• Mathew Jerrett, Executive Creative Director
• James Denman, Executive Director of Strategy & Digital Innovation
• Korey Vincent, Creative Director
• Mirelle Majas, Creative
• Tino Barreiro, Sr. CreativeLeah Keiter, Copywriter
• Kirsten Arongino Head of Production
• Molly Dowd, Sr. Producer
• Devon Hay, Account Director
• Katie Pilot, Account Manager
• Theo Wenner, Photographer/Director
• Deering Regan, Director of Photography
• Tom Guinness, Stylist
• Tomo Jidai, Hair Stylist
• Chiho Omae, Makeup
• Andy Harman, Set Designer
• Julia Reis, Executive Produce, Art Partner
• Jordanna Vogel, Executive Producer, North Six
• Kalena Yiuaeki, Producer, North Six
• Adriana Lima
• Chauncey Dominique
Tags: United States
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Office of Baby: Parachute 'Very Comfortable'

Agency: Office of Baby
Client: Parachute
Date: May 2018
Independent creative agency Office of Baby has unveiled a new series of out-of-home ads for premium bed and bath brand Parachute. Launched ahead of the opening of Parachute’s first flagship store in New York, the work consists of snapshots of people who are at their most content and carefree when enveloped by Parachute’s soft, soothing line of sheets, towels and bathrobes.
The 2018 'Very Comfortable' campaign aligns lulling imagery with escapist messaging such as 'The city has enough people today', 'Deadlines are a social construct' and 'If I die, tell naps I loved them.' “We wanted to evoke the inner monologues of people who are extremely comfortable,” Office of Baby Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer Paul Caiozzo explains. “There’s something that happens to you when you’re wrapped up in toasty sheets or lounging in a really soft bathrobe; you have more funny, interesting thoughts when the daily stress has melted away.”
Parachute’s new OOH ads are being strategically placed in subways, kiosks and on taxi tops initially in New York City, followed shortly by a rollout in Los Angeles. 
Chief Creative Officer: Paul Caiozzo
Executive Creative Director: Nathan Frank
Creative Director: Michael Hagos
Art Director: Kelsey Shang
Copywriter: Prit Patel
Producer: Connor Hall
Tags: United States, ooh, advertising

AKQA: Palms 'From Dust to Gold'

Agency: AKQA
Client: Palms
Date: May 2018
The Palms Casino Resort is taking a crowbar and chainsaw to the past and is paving the way for a new, sparkling renovation in Las Vegas.
To celebrate, the resort is launching ‘From Dust to Gold,’ an original marketing campaign designed to embrace the demolition of the property’s storied past, and usher in a collection of new venues opening and to build anticipation for the progress unfolding every day.
In a city that’s constantly reshaping itself, the multifaceted Palms campaign puts forth the resort’s vision of ushering in a new era of Las Vegas by destroying the old. The $620m multi-phased renovation of the property is celebrated in the creative, showcasing the destruction and progress.
‘From Dust to Gold’ shows the resort as a leader in pop culture, food and entertainment, but also highlights its evolution by addressing new phases in art and design. Palms’ executive team and AKQA, Palms’ innovation and experience design agency of record, tapped director Paul Hunter to bring that vision to life. The Hollywood director drew from his experiences from works ranging from Notorious BIG’s ‘Hypnotize’ video to videos for Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, U2, Justin Timberlake to most recently, his video for Pharrell’s ‘Freedom.’
Conceptualized and created by AKQA Portland and New York, the From Dust to Gold campaign was further brought to life by Academy Award-winning Swedish cinematographer, Linus Sandgreen, and famed street artist, Revok. The integrated campaign features a series of five online brand films, over one dozen social teasers and an immersive campaign microsite that highlights all of the new features and venues that are part of the renovation.
In the feature spot, we see a well-dressed crew of people destroying the opulent resort, taking baseball bats, gasoline, crowbars, Molotov cocktails, fierce dogs, spray paint, chainsaws and explosive charges to the old Palms, paving the way for the new, with the unveiling of Damien Hirst’s first interactive bar concept in the US – the Unknown. The dramatic center bar, designed personally by Hirst, showcases The Unknown (Explored, Explained, Exploded), a piece of work that consists of a tiger shark divided into three parts – alongside works from his Pharmaceutical series of spot paintings.
In addition, a 30-second spot will run on local Las Vegas television and more than 90 different out-of-home placements can be seen in Las Vegas and the corridor to Los Angeles.
VP, General Manager: Jon Gray
Creative Director: Tal Cooperman
VP, Marketing: Lauren Westerfield
Director, PR: Alex Acuna
Sr. Art Director: Alice Chiapperini
Sr. Copywriter: Matteo Capaldi
Creative Director: Aaron Seymour-Anderson
Associate Design Director: Carlos Bernal
Associate Design Director: Benjamin Parisot
Associate Creative Director: Riaad Merwe
Executive Producer: Dustin Freeman
International Design Director: Carlos Matias
Art Director: Antoine Christian
Designer: Terry Lee
Designer: Felipe Yamaoka
Associate Designer: Chris Lopez
Client Partner: Rodrigo Moyses
Senior Account Director: Daniel Jones
Senior Account Manager: Jack Lodge
Associate Strategy Director: Alec Black
Senior Strategist: Sarah-Jayne Boyd 
Associate Program Director: Christine Dippold
Senior Project Manager: Tyler Hilton
Director: Paul Hunter
DP: Linus Sandgren 
Line Producer: William Green
VP, Executive Producer: Ali Brown
Co-Founder, Executive Producer: Kerstin Emhoff
Editor: Sam Ostrove + Randy Baublis
Assistant Editor: Doug Scott
Head of Production: Remy Foxx
Managing Partner: Carr Schilling
Creative Director: Rob Hodgson
VFX Supervisor: Toya Drechsler
Executive Producer: Elexis Stearn
VFX Producer: Jamie Loudon
Colorist: Ricky Gausis
Producer, Color: Rebecca Boorsma
Executive Producer, Color: Meghan Lang
Tags: United States
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David&Goliath: Kia Motors America 'America's Best Value Summer Sales Event'

Agency: David&Goliath
Client: Kia Motors America
Date: May 2018

Kia Motors America has launched a national integrated marketing campaign that states the obvious reason why consumers should consider Kia – that the cars are ‘America’s Best Value.’ Traditional sales techniques – including free donuts, showrooms stuffed floor-to-ceiling with balloons, and in-your-face sales people – are replaced with the two children who state the case clearly and simply in a series of ads and one late-night show promo. 

The campaign, created by David&Goliath, was shot on a stark white set representing a Kia dealership. The young sister and brother eschew the gimmicks and stick to the facts highlighting the various reasons why Kia is the better choice, including the brand’s 10-year/100,000-mile warranty.

In seven 15- and 30-second broadcast spots for the general and Hispanic markets, the sister takes a more brass tacks, dry humor approach, providing the information customers need to make an informed decision. Her brother (who some might recognize from a recent Skippy peanut butter spot) on the other hand, comes from the more traditional showman school of sales, which adds comic relief and creates a great dynamic that balances the two characters.

The two children featured in the campaign also made an appearance on ABC’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ on Tuesday (May 22), and get into a silly string fight with the show’s sidekick, Guillermo.


Agency:  David&Goliath, LA
Founder & Chairman: David Angelo
President: Yumi Prentice
Chief Creative Officer: Bobby Pearce
Executive Creative Director: Gustavo Sarkis
Creative Director: Courtney Pulver
Creative Director: Robert Casillas
Director of Broadcast Production: Paul Albanese
Executive Broadcast Producer:  Christopher Coleman
Senior Art Producer: Andrea Rosenfeld
Senior Art Producer: Cara Nieto
Planning Director: Andrew Lynch
Associate Director of Project Management: Genie Lara
Senior Project Manager: Donna Alexander
Managing Director: Jeffery Moohr
Account Director:  Josh Van Steenbergen
Management Supervisor: Candace Logan
Account Supervisor: Sam Yoon
Assistant Account Executive: Lindsey McVey
Product Information Manager: Mark McNaul
Product Information Manager: Russ Wortman
Director, Business Affairs: Rodney Pizarro
Senior Business Affairs Manager: Natasha Royzina
Business Affairs Manager: Travis Kohler
Creative Director: Robert Prins
Creative Director: Erik Moe
Copywriter: Nick Micale
Jr. Art Director/Designer: Katherine Mayhew
Digital Designer: Meagan Steinkamp
Creative Intern: Peter Watson
Director of Digital Production: Peter Bassett
Sr. Digital Producer: Justine Kleeman
Sr. Print Producer: Elisa Atwood
Digital Account Director: Marco Koenig
Digital Account Supervisor: Rebecca Hanson
Digital Analytics Manager: Shaun Jacobs
Production Company: Epoch Films
Director: Phil Morrison
Director of Photography: Toby Irwin
Executive Producer: Melissa Culligan
Head of Production: Megan Murphree
Producer: Eric Sedorovitz
Editorial Company: Spinach
Editor: Adam Bright
Editor: Heidi Black (courtesy of Whitehouse Post)
Assistant Editor: Gabriel Cullen
Assistant Editor: Taylor Schwartz
Assistant Editor: Eddie Mikasa
Executive Producer: Jonathan Carpio
Producer: Patricia Gushikuma
VFX Company: JAMM
VFX Supervisor/Lead Flame: Mark Holden
Executive Producer: Asher Edwards
Production Coordinator: Justine Pregler
Music Company: Barking Owl
Creative Director: Kelly Bayett
Mix: Juice Studios
Sound Engineer: Scott Burns
Executive Producer:  Dawn Redmann
Producer: Vanessa Carey

Tags: United States