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Data Protection Magazine is a newly launched magazine offering thought-provoking pieces designed to help the business generalist with their task of data protection compliance. It aims to shed a light on the key issues.

In the first edition of the magazine, editor, Michael Baxter looks at whether millennials really do have a different attitude to data protection. Here is a snippet of the article titled ‘Millennials are different, or so they say’:

“The generation born in the decade or two before the end of the last century, or so we keep hearing, have a different way of thinking.

Take their attitude towards personal data. A study by the USC Annenberg Center for Digital Future and Bovitz Inc found that 56% of the millennial generation would be willing to share their location with a nearby company in return for a relevant coupon or promotional deal. By contrast, only 42% of users of 35 years and older agreed they would share their location.

Jeffrey I. Cole, the director of the USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future said:
“Millennials recognise that giving up some of their privacy online can provide benefits to them. This demonstrates a major shift in online behaviour.”

But is it really like that? The millennial generation and their youngers, generation Z, are what they call digital natives - they are digitally savvy.”

To view the whole article and the rest of the magazine, visit the Data Protection World Forum website.

By Laura Edwards, editor, GDPR.Report