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New research from analytics firm Brandwatch indicates that consumers turn to social media to vent their frustration when it comes to car insurance costs, renewal hikes and confusing policies.

The research showed that while cost is a big driver of frustration, so too is the confusion around policies, with 33% find completing quotes confusing, 25% don’t understand why some insurance is cheaper and 21% get muddled about renewals.

The full report looks further at the buying cycle and the triggers for purchase as well as motivations for sharing and engagement.

Brandwatch CEO Katy Howell said: “No one likes buying car insurance, and that is clear from looking at a year’s worth of social data that when it comes to insurance, consumers express their emotions on social.

“Marketers talk a lot about content needing to be relevant to the customer, but it’s not until you dig into the ‘why’ of behaviours that you see the triggers behind the emotions – it’s this insight that helps to craft creative that will strike a chord with customers.” 

The Brandwatch platform is used by over 1,300 brands and agencies, including Unilever, American Airlines, and Dell.

The entire report can be downloaded here