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Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners : Dietz & Watson 'It's a Family Thing'

Agency: Red Tettemer O'Connell + Partners
Client: Dietz & Watson
Date: May 2018
Deli foods provider Dietz & Watson is going the family route with its new campaign, enlisting real-life sporting couple, tennis star Andy Roddick and model Brooklyn Decker.
The couple is enamored with the meats and cheeses made by the company in several humorous spots by Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners. The newest national ad campaign, ‘It’s a Family Thing,’ taps into the power of family on both the brand and customer end. 
According to a release, Dietz & Watson has been family-owned and operated since the company’s start almost 80 years ago, and they know a thing or two about family and the role food like theirs plays in feeding those relationships. The campaign marks a first for the brand in tapping celebrities to serve as the face of the brand and a campaign. Decker and Roddick star in the ads, showing off their “family thing” in two spots, ‘Game Night’ and ‘Hama Lisa.’
‘Game Night’ features the couple devouring a meat and cheese plate after learning friends won’t be able to attend, letting them have their own unexpected game night for two. “Hama Lisa’ features Decker raving about her perfect sandwich creation, to the point of trying to hire a photographer to capture the layered magic, while Roddick thrashes that dream by eating the sandwich. 
Agency: Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners
Chief Creative Officer: Steve Red                                            
Executive Creative Director: Steve O’Connell
Creative Directors: Todd Taylor & Chris Plehal                                                  
Art Director: Michelle Maben                                                                 
Copywriters: Meghan Burns, Justin Ebert
Producers: Joe Mosca                   
Account Executive(s): Carla Mote, Susan Baraczek, Alex Cabrera, Jane Han            
Photographer/Designer: Dominic Episcopo
Production Company: Pretty Bird     
Director: Matt Piedmont                                                                                    
Director of Photography: Giles Dunning                                                                                                          
Executive Producer: Ali Brown                                                                                                    
Line Producer: Carr Donald                                                                                                         
Editing House: Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners
Editor: Chip Schofield                                                                                                                            
Producer: Joe Mosca                                                                                                                               
Music House: Milkboy                                                                                                            
Composer: Jamie Lokoff                                                                                                                                      
Producer: Tommy Joyner 
Sound Design: Shake                                                                                                            
Sound Designer: Mark Schultz                                                                                                               
Audio Mix: Shake                                                                                                                                                   
Mixer: Mark Schultz                  
Tags: United States
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: National Forest Foundation 'Summer of Trails'

Client: National Forest Foundation
Date: May 2018
Kicking off a summer-long celebration of the 50thAnniversary of the National Trails System Act, the National Forest Foundation (NFF) announced its "Summer of Trails" campaign. Summer of Trails is a five-month long campaign to raise awareness and funds for maintaining and improving trails across America's National Forests and Grasslands. The National Forests and Grasslands host the largest trail system in the country, with more than 158,000 miles of trails — including the iconic Pacific Crest, Appalachian and Continental Divide Trails and shorter trails beloved by communities from Alaska to Florida.
The Summer of Trails goal is simple: improve conditions on the National Forest's incredible trail system. By educating Americans about National Forest trails, and by capitalizing on the 50th Anniversary of the legislation that established America's world-class system of National Scenic and Historic Trails, the NFF hopes to turn the love that Americans have for their trails into a source of funds to improve trails in each of the nine Forest Service regions.
The NFF hopes to raise $1m for trail maintenance and improvement across the National Forest System through a crowd-funding campaign. The NFF will invest the funds in local conservation organizations through a competitive grant program. These groups will then use the grants to help maintain and repair National Forest trails across the country. The NFF's $500,000 crowd-funding goal will be matched with an additional $500,000 by the U.S. Forest Service. The NFF plans to award grants to local conservation groups to begin work improving America's trails in 2019.
Tags: United States
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gyro Chicago/Denver: Grant Thornton US 'Status Go'

Agency: gyro Chicago/Denver
Client: Grant Thornton US
Date: May 2018
Grant Thornton is debuting the next phase of its 'Obvious Change' campaign with a new TV ad.
The spot will be unveiled during The Players Championship golf tournament broadcast and focuses on listening to clients rather than upselling them. In the spot, a woman asks a bartender for a drink, then gets a completely different beverage than she ordered. The spot is tagged with, "Tired of not being heard? Discover Grant Thornton."
Executive Creative Director: Doug Kamp
Group Creative Director: Ted Wahlberg
Creative Director: Andy Mamott
Producer: Corrine Serritella
VP, Client Partner: Gretchen Hentemann
Director: Rob Soucy
Production: Pilgrim Post
Editorial: Odd Machine
Music: Soundcake
Tags: United States
Status Go (Cocktail)
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BBDO New York: Macy's 'Spotlight'

Agency: BBDO New York
Client: Macy's
Date: May 2018
This summer, Macy’s is transforming people's wardrobes from winter to summer in the store's newest campaign.
A playful 60-second commercial, 'Spotlight,' taps into the anticipation and joy of summer, and brings to life the outstanding trends of the season. The new spot, produced by BBDO New York, shows the sun magically turning people’s winter outfits into a vibrant summer outfit. The film follows women, men and children as they shed their winter clothes and embrace summer, accompanied by 'The Oogum Boogum Song' by Brenton Wood. The film ends with the line, “Find summer fashion. Find the remarkable you.”
The 60-second ad will run on Macy’s YouTube channel, and two 30-second versions are running on network and cable through May 26. The campaign will also feature on social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.
Agency: BBDO New York
Client: Macy’s
Title: Spotlight
BBDO Creative Credits
Chief Creative Officer, BBDO Worldwide:                    David Lubars
Chief Creative Officer, BBDO New York:                     Greg Hahn
Executive Creative Director:                                        Danilo Boer
Executive Creative Director:                                        Marcos Kotlhar
Associate Creative Director:                                        Kathryn Kvas
Senior Project Manager:                                              Noreen Masih
Executive Producer:                                                    Dan Blaney
Associate Producer:                                                    Corie Rosenblatt
Director of Business Affairs:                                        Bernadette Naughten
Production Services Director:                                      Jessica Nugent
Business Affairs Manager:                                           Nancy Espinal
Director of Music:                                                        Rani Vaz
Group Planning Director:                                             Yin Chung 
Planning Director:                                                        Liz Simons
Senior Director:                                                           Corey Cirillo
Account Director:                                                         Justin Perrelli
Account Executive:                                                      Clare Driggs
Production:                                                                The Corner Shop
Director:                                                                       Peter Thwaites
Line Producer:                                                                         Amy Appleton 
EP:                                                                               Anna Hashmi
Head of Production:                                                     Jessica Miller
DP:                                                                              Greig Fraser
AD:                                                                              Andrés Chenault
Art Director:                                                                 Veronica Geraige
Editorial:                                                                     Whitehouse Post
Editor:                                                                          Russell Icke
Assistant Editor:                                                           Emma Platek
Executive Producer:                                                    Melanie Klein
Post Production / VFX:                                             The Mill
Creative Directors:                                                       Angus Kneale & Gavin Wellsman
VFX Shoot Supervisor:                                                Angus Kneale & Greg Gangemi
Lead Colorist:                                                              Adam Scott
Additional Colorist:                                                       Fergus McCAll
2D Lead:                                                                      Siro Valente
2D Team:                                                                    Krissy Nordella, Antoine Douadi,
Dhruv Shankar, Rachel Moon
CG Lead:                                                                     Ajit Menon
CG Team:                                                                    Greg Gangemi, Alek Vacura,
Serguei Kalentchouk, Paul Liaw, Yimo Xu, Jackie Liao, Sewang Kim
Executive Producer:                                                    Eliana Carranza-Pitcher
Producer:                                                                     Anna Borysewicz
Production Coordinator:                                              Mia Lalanne
Artist / Song Title:                                                        Brenton Wood / The Oogum Boogum Song 
Music Supervision:                                                      GEMS
Final Mix:                                                                   Sonic Union
Mixer:                                                                          Steve Rosen
Sound Designer:                                                       Brian Emrich
Tags: United States
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: Mint Mobile 'That's Not Right'

Client: Mint Mobile
Date: May 2018
'That’s Not Right' highlights the crazy and the weird feelings that you get when you see someone taking a carpet shower, and finger dipping.
The spot uses this to juxtapose Mint’s cheap mobile offering as 'too good to be true', with the aim of convincing customers tired of the big mobile providers' consumer behavior to switch.
David Glickman – CEO
Tyler Leshney – President
Aron North – SVP Marketing & Creative
Tanya Song – Sr. Director Creative Services
Jessica Prentice – Creative Director
Casey Lombardo – Sr. Copywriter
Production: Ruffian
Director: Evan Silver
Line Producer: Ryan Ennis
Director of Photography: Mischa Lluch
Production Designer: Dan Butts
Executive Producer: Robert Herman
Edit: Cut + Run
Animation: Jogger
Music/Sound: Beacon Street
Tags: United States, Branding, advertising
Carpet Showers
Finger Dipping

Huge: Lyft 'Passport Mode'

Agency: Huge
Client: Lyft
Date: May 2018
Lyft has partnered with Huge to create their newest themed ride mode: Passport Mode. Lyft is known for their Modes - exclusive themed ride experiences that pop up in cities around the US. May is International Cultural Awareness Month and every year the city of Washington DC hosts Passport DC, a cultural festival that highlights the city’s thriving international diplomatic community.
This year, Lyft wanted to get involved in this cultural celebration, and as the exclusive rideshare partner of Passport DC, Lyft partnered with Huge to create a new way for people to share culture and bring the event to life - all from the backseat of Lyft. To develop Passport Mode, Lyft selected drivers with international backgrounds in DC and created intricate artwork wraps for vehicles, each representing the culture from where the driver hails. Passport Mode cars were created for countries like Brazil, Morocco, Ethiopia, Peru, Jamaica - each showcasing something unique about that culture in a vibrant, eye-catching wrap.
Passport Mode cars hit the streets the first weekend of May in DC, and will be in market throughout the month for photo opps during the celebration. Passengers that hailed a Lyft in Passport Mode were greeted by the colorfully wrapped car on the curb, and then immersed in the driver’s culture on their way from Point A to Point B through the sharing of music, language, and stories. Passengers received souvenir passports, custom stamps and "passport photos” from their trips in addition to learning tips about the best cities, restaurants, and beaches to visit in that country.
Lyft, Huge
Tags: United States, Lyft, HUGE
Lyft | Passport Mode DC
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