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Welcome to Ad Age's Wake-Up Call, our daily roundup of advertising, marketing, media and digital news. What people are talking about today: President Trump surprised his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron by brushing a bit of alleged dandruff off the Frenchman's stylish suit -- a meme-worthy moment that inspired a lot of armchair psychology. Was it a put-down? A power play? Or just an affectionate gesture capturing their bromance for the cameras? (Hmm.) Obviously, Head & Shoulders found something to say about this on Twitter. The Procter & Gamble brand made a video of someone packing anti-dandruff shampoo in a crate to be shipped to the French Embassy. "Whether you're meeting the president or on your first date, we believe everyone should be 100% flake-free," it wrote. In a fraught political moment, it isn't easy to find the right tone for this kind of thing, and Head & Shoulders played it safe. There were snarkier jokes to be made. Maybe "Saturday Night Live" will make them.

'Groundhog Day'

"In a scene that could be taken straight out of the movie 'Groundhog Day,' YouTube will once again find itself having to quell advertisers' fears during its NewFront presentation next week," writes Ad Age's Jeanine Poggi in her preview of the event. That's because YouTube is facing flak over brand safety, which is exactly what happened last year before the Google-owned video platform made its big pitch to advertisers. CNN Money reported last week that ads from over 300 companies and organizations were showing up on channels featuring unsavory content including white nationalist messages, conspiracy theories and North Korean propaganda. Google's VP of agency and media solutions talked to Poggi about its brand safety efforts: "I think everyone appreciates this is a journey, but clients feel good about the progress."

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