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Mestiça Agency: Editora Europa 'Flags'

Agency: Mestiça Agency
Client: Editora Europa
Date: April 2018
Flags of five countries from around the world have been reimagined through graphic representation, becoming catalysts for travelers to find routes and discover the best of each country.
The campaign was done by Sao Paulo, Brazil’s Mestiça Agency for the Collection of Continents books for the Brazilian magazine Viaje Mais. The campaign is made up of five ads that use the flags of several countries as the main element, and the routes and destinations as the creative concept.
The graphic elements of each flag essentially become road maps, creating horizons with routes and destinations, visually translating the concept of the campaign, essentially begging viewers to roam to each country and find out its respective charms. Argentina’s white stripe appears as a road towards its setting sun, while Norway’s blue cross looks like a crossroads to discovery of the Scandinavian country, and Australia’s Union Jack design gives travelers plenty of directional options.
Each design has a small bit of copy in the top right corner that tells of each country’s destinations and itineraries. Chile’s says: “The best wine routes and landscapes in Chile.” For Norway: “The best itineraries to enjoy the daylight until midnight in Norway.”
Agency: Mestiça
Client: Editora Europa
Product: Coleções Viaje Mais
Title: Flags
Creative Director: Luiz Parpulov
Head of Art: Eduardo Basque
Art Director: Eduardo Basque
Copywriter: Rafael Campeão / Rafael Prioli
Account: Pamela Novaes
Media: Willian Barbosa
Ilustration: Eduardo Basque
Approved by: Luiz Siqueira
Tags: Brazil, Ad of the Day

Havas Chicago: Carl's Jr. 'WesternBaconWorld'

Agency: Havas Chicago
Client: Carl's Jr.
Date: April 2018
To celebrate the fandom for Westworld Season 2, Carl’s Jr. is releasing a chilling rendition to Westworld opening credits via social (@CarlsJr), in order to imagine a new theme park, WesternBaconWorld.
The Western Bacon Cheeseburger has long been Carl’s Jr.’s signature item. Matthew McConaughey even lent his voice to the burger chain's recent spot for the popular sandwich.
This time however, Carl’s Jr. puts its sandwich’s tune through the famous Mariposa Saloon player piano and turns out a haunting hunger call for Carl’s Jr. There’s even a cameo by Happy Star, who plays one of the Hosts.
Client: Carl's Jr.
Agency: Havas Chicago
Karen Goodman - Group Creative Director
Benny Jackson - Group Creative Director
Daniel Cobb - Senior Copywriter
Ian Merritt - Senior Content Producer
Bryce Haag - Content Creator
Lisa Sokolnicki - Account Director
Tags: United States
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Sibling Rivalry: Samsung '&Design'

Agency: Sibling Rivalry
Client: Samsung
Date: April 2018
Production company Sibling Rivalry has joined forces with Paola Antonelli, senior curator of architecture and design and director of research and development at the Museum of Modern Art, to create an immersive virtual reality (VR) experience for the Samsung VR video service.
Dubbed ‘&Design’, the episodic virtual reality experience is rooted in themes of death, love, play and the idea of self, along with featuring eye-popping design work, and it made its debut during the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. It was originally conceived by Antonelli, who brought it to Sibling Rivalry partner and creative director Mikon van Gastel.
The VR experience was made possible by a grant from Samsung VR Video’s Pilot Season, a new initiative aimed at infusing exclusive, original, episodic VR content into Samsung VR Video service, driving growth within the independent VR filmmaker community.
Hosted by Antonelli, it guides audiences through an experience of design that melds anthropology and science, history and technology. Through a VR lens, viewers are introduced to a variety of designers and creators from around the world, including Neri Oxman and the members of the Mediated Matter Group at MIT’s Media Lab, roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro in Osaka, and others.
Agency: Sibling Rivalry
Concept: Paola Antonelli
Client: Samsung VR
Tags: United States
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Tessa Films: Blind Barber 'Stay Handsome'

Agency: Tessa Films
Client: Blind Barber
Date: April 2018
A new online campaign for Blind Barber, the barbershops and grooming brand, introduces Washington Nationals All-Star Bryce Harper as its spokesperson. The campaign, produced by Tessa Films, kicked off with a social media clip of Harper using two hairdryers to achieve his signature look, posted to his brother's Instagram page, as if it was a candid snap. The video quickly became a resounding viral success with nearly 1 million views in just 3 days and has been the subject of a plethora of earned media coverage in ESPN, USA Today, Washington Post, The Today Show and more.
That viral success laid the groundwork for the launch of the main online ad – a comedic gem directed and written by Tessa’s Tim Mason, with creative direction from Tessa Director Duncan Wolfe – that features a montage of Harper psyching himself up in the bathroom mirror while styling his hair and beard. Paid ads began appearing on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Connected TV on Monday, April 16.
Masseur notes, “Because Tim’s background is in improv comedy as a veteran of Second City’s Mainstage, he created an atmosphere on set that allowed Bryce to relax into his character and have fun which led to the natural, genuine-feeling comedic performance that seems to really be resonating with the general public."
Client: Blind Barber
Project: Social/online campaign
Co-Owners: Jeff Laub, Josh Boyd, Adam Kirschenbaum, Matt Breen, Bryce Harper
Creative Director: Matt Buchwach
PR Director: Faith Dallal
Director of Social Media: Chris Rogers
Production/Creative: Tessa Films, Chicago, IL
Director/Writer: Tim Mason
Creative Director: Duncan Wolfe
Executive Producers: Lisa Masseur and Reid Brody
Post: Optimus, Chicago, IL
Editor: Mike Berg
Assistant Editor: Jenny Schaye
Senior Audio Engineer: Marina Killion
Finish Artists: Paul Rosckes, Connor Luczak
EP: Tracy Spera
EP/Managing Director: Brian Hrastar
Colour: The Mill, Chicago, IL
Colourist: Mikey Pehanich
Colour Assist: Lindsey Mazur
Colour Producer: Dan Butler
Colour Executive Producer: Laurie Andrianopoli
Tags: United States, digital, Branding, Blind Barber, Tessa Films, Social media campaign
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: Vans 'Vision Walk'

Client: Vans
Date: April 2018
Vans presents 'Vision Walk', the next chapter from its global brand campaign, This Is Off The Wall. The campaign explores what 'Off The Wall' means through a series of digital narratives and global events that bolster the various art forms Vans has supported since its inception. 'Vision Walk' examines the art of photography and inspires everyone to find their own perspective. 
'Vision Walk' follows photographer/director Olivia Bee as she leads a group through Los Angeles to capture moments and memories using film and digital photography. Intrigued by the beauty of everyday life and memories, Bee thinks of photography as a unique opportunity to explore the world and develop one’s artistic point of view since what you see is not what everybody else might see. “Anyone can be creative and everyone has a unique point of view,” Bee explained. “Sharing that point of view with others is what makes the world a better place.”
“Vision Walk” inspires others to discover the world around them while embarking on their own creative self discovery through photography. As a testament to its commitment to enabling creative expression, Vans will host its own vision walks in cities around the world, taking individuals on a journey within their own city and helping them find their own perspective. From novice photo-takers to industry experts, Vans welcomes everyone to these experiential workshops and encourages all to share their point of view with one another to showcase the unique perspectives that come from the energy of collaboration. Visit to learn more.
Jamie Reilly, Vans vice president of global creative
Tags: United States

Droga5: Under Armour 'Will Finds a Way'

Agency: Droga5
Client: Under Armour
Date: April 2018
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is no stranger to dedication and hard work as an athlete and actor, and in a new campaign for Under Armour, he narrates the stories of others who put their all into their sport to become the best.
The new year-long campaign, ‘Will Finds a Way’ – created in partnership with Droga5 – showcases the importance of hard work, dedication and resilience, highlighting eight athletes who put in the hours to master their skills. Under Armour sets out to inspire by taking consumers on a motivational journey, and Johnson introduces the stories of: world champion sprinter Natasha Hastings; Olympic swimmer Yusra Mardini; NBA point guard Dennis Smith Jr.; actress and Taekwondo national champion Zoe Zhang; world champion Judoka Teddy Riner; stuntwoman Jessie Graff; triathlete Johnny Agar; and state boxing and gymnastics champion Javon “Wanna” Walton.  
In the anthem spot, Johnson serves as the ultimate motivator, reinforcing that nothing is impossible if you have the will. Johnson uses his life as an example, sharing examples of beating the odds and becoming the person he is today by being the hardest worker in the room. He notes how he carved a new path for himself when his dream of becoming a pro football player was crushed after injury and he found himself with less than $7 in his pocket. Through these trials, he says he knows first-hand there is something that lives in each one of us that helps defy doubt, failure or circumstance.
Client                                                                          Under Armour
Agency                                                                       Droga5 NY
Creative Chairman                                                      David Droga
Executive Creative Director                                       Felix Richter
Group Creative Director                                             Brandon Pierce
Creative Director                                                        Ray Smiling
Sr. Copywriter                                                             Becca Pottinger
Copywriter                                                                  Stephen Shocket
Sr. Art Director                                                            Sam McCluskey
Art Director                                                                 Patrick Horton
Associate Design Director                                          Nate Moore
Sr. Designer                                                                Jaymes Barone 
Co-Director of Film Production                                   Jesse Brihn 
Executive Producer, Film                                            Kyle Wright 
Sr. Producer, Film                                                       Carole McCarty
Producer, Film                                                            Nathan Pardee 
Associate Producer, Film                                            Taylor Donaldson 
Director of Art Production                                           Cliff Lewis
Music Supervisor                                                        Mike Ladman
Business Affairs Manager                                          Daniella Vargas 
Co-Head of Strategy                                                   Harry Román-Torres 
Group Strategy Director                                             Will Davie
Strategist                                                                     Newman Granger
Head of Communications Strategy                            Colleen Leddy 
Group Communications Strategy Director                 Dominic Poynter 
Sr. Communications Strategist                                   Kathryn Ruocco                                  
Sr. Data Strategist                                                      Janet Kim 
Junior Data Strategist                                                 Greg Berard
Group Account Director                                             Philippa Campbell 
Account Director                                                        Kate Tyler Monroe
Account Manager                                                       Megan Haggerty
Associate Account Manager                                       Abby Vigdor
Senior Project Manager                                              Carolyn Brafman
Counsel                                                                       Sarah Fox                                           Associate Counsel                                                      Zachary Werner
Client                                                                          Under Armour
CEO & Founder                                                          Kevin Plank        
President & Chief Operating Officer                          Patrik Frisk                                          
SVP, Global Brand Management                               Adrienne Lofton
Chief of Staff to SVP, Brand Management                 Elise Conway
Sr. Director, Global Brand Management                    Julian Duncan
Sr. Lead, Global Brand Management                         Bené Eaton
Campaign Manager, Global Marketing Operations   Eleni Polites
Director, Category Marketing - Men’s Train               Stephen Perkins
Manager, Category Marketing - Men’s Train             Sarah Magnuson
Manager, Category Marketing - Women's                 Cate Goytisolo
VP, Global Brand Creative                                         Brian Boring
Director, Photography                                                James Michelfelder
Creative Director                                                        Kristian Espinosa
Art Director                                                                 Jason Lehigh
Art Director                                                                 Nathaniel Grundhauser
Senior Graphic Designer                                            Meg Tiffany
Copywriter                                                                    Alex Porter
SVP, Digital Marketing, Media                                   Jim Mollica
& Business Development
Sr. Director, Social Media Strategy                            Jack Daley
Sr. Director, Global Media                                          Kelly McArdle
Director, Integrated Brand Communications              Corey Nocco
SVP, Global Communications                                                Diane Pelkey
Director, Global Communications                               Erin Wendell
VP, Brand Management - Channels & Regions        Attica Jacques
VP, North America Marketing                                     Courtney Carlson
Senior Marketing Director, Under Armour Europe     Paul Nugent
Marketing Director, Under Armour China                   Lydia Zhu
Production Company (Will Finds a Way)               Superprime
Directors                                                                     The Malloys
DOP                                                                            Jody Lee Lipes 
Producer                                                                     William Green
Managing Director                                                      Michelle Ross/ Rebecca Skinner
Head of Production                                                     Roger Zorovich
Production Company (Athlete Stories)                  Superprime
Director                                                                       Nathalie Canguilhem 
DOP                                                                            Adrien Bertolle 
Producer                                                                     John Nguyen
Managing Director                                                      Michelle Ross/ Rebecca Skinner
Head of Production                                                     Roger Zorovich
Editorial (Will Finds a Way)                                     Cartel
Editor                                                                           Leo Scott                                 
Assistant Editor                                                           Matt Berardi and Josh Lee
Partner/Executive Producer                                       Lauren Bleiweiss 
Producer                                                                     Greer Bratschie
Flame + Colour                                                           WAX
Editorial (Athlete Stories)                                        WAX
Editor                                                                           Eddie Ringer                           
Assistant Editor                                                           Drew Balke
Managing Partner                                                       Toni Lipari
Head of Production                                                     Evan Kerwood 
Flame + Colour                                                           WAX
Mix (Will Finds a Way + Athlete Stories)                    HUMAN
Mix (Athlete Stories)                                                  Sonic Union
Tags: United States

Bandolier Media/Classic Dad: Milwaukee Tool 'Lawn Whisperers'

Agency: Bandolier Media/Classic Dad
Client: Milwaukee Tool
Date: April 2018
To celebrate National Lawn Care Month and feature Milwaukee Tool's outdoor power tool line, Bandolier utilised its Classic Dad brand to create a web series called 'Lawn Whisperers'.
Set in the world of competitive lawn mowing (and hedging), Lawn Whisperers follows the Lawnmaster judge and rival competitors as they battle for the top spot in the 18th Annual Crestview Classic.
The web series follows the competitors as if they were bickering reality show contestants, rubbishing each other's lawn care prowess and throwing shade at their adversaries.
George Ellis - Creative Director - Classic Dad
Lou Montemayor - Creative Director - Classic Dad
Marcus Knowles - Marketing Director - Classic Dad
Daniel Stone - Co-Founder, Classic Dad
360 Studios - Production
Sound - Haux Audio
Color/Finish - Finland Finish
Tags: United States, digital
Lawn Whisperers, Episode 1
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