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Facebook Inc. said it was able to remove a larger amount of content from the Islamic State and al-Qaeda in the first quarter of 2018 by actively looking for it.

The company has trained its review systems -- both humans and computer algorithms -- to seek out posts from terrorist groups. The social network took action on 1.9 million pieces of content from those groups in the first three months of the year, about twice as many as in the previous quarter. And, 99 percent of that content wasn't reported first by users, but was flagged by the company's internal systems, Facebook said Monday.

Facebook, like Twitter Inc. and Google's YouTube, has historically put the onus on its users to flag content that its moderators need to look at. After pressure from governments to recognize its immense power over the spread of terrorist propaganda, Facebook started about a year ago to take more direct responsibility. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg earlier this month told Congress that Facebook now believes it has a responsibility over the content on its site.

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