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Korean Air

Korean Air chairman Cho Yang-ho has apologised for the behaviour of his two daughters Cho Hyun-Min and Cho Hyun-ah following different controversies, reported AFP.

Younger daughter Cho Hyun-min, a marketing executive at the airline, was recently pulled into police investigations for assault. This was after claims that she had thrown water to a man’s face at a business meeting.

Meanwhile, Cho Hyun-ah, the older sibling, ran into a PR crisis four years ago called “nut rage” after she reportedly kicked a cabin crew member off the plane for serving macadamia nuts in a bag instead of a bowl. According to The Straits Times, in the process of kicking the crew member off the plan, Cho Hyun-ah also made a taxiing plane return to its gate, causing a flight delay in the process. The matter made global headlines and sparked outrage within the country.

"As chairman of Korean Air, as well as a father, I feel terrible about the immature actions of my daughters. Everything is my fault and my wrongdoing. I apologise to the people,” Cho said to the wire.

Korean Air is not the only airline to be pulled into the spotlight in recent times. United Airlines was recently engulfed in PR drama and has publicly apologised following the death of a passenger’s dog onboard one of its flights. This was a result of a flight attendant asking the passenger to place her dog, along with its carrier in the luggage storage compartment of the plane; the dog was later found dead when the flight landed.

It also came under fire when a video depicting 69-year-old man being dragged out from a United Airlines plane went viral.