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Havas London: Sharp's 'Keynvor'

Agency: Havas London
Client: Sharp's
Date: April 2018
Sharp’s Brewery has joined forces with Universal Music to promote the debut single of Keynvor – the artist otherwise known simply as the Atlantic Ocean.
Havas London was tapped by the brewer to create a campaign that highlighted its Cornish roots and help protect the coastal regions of its home. The result is an idiosyncratic campaign centred around a 4.44-length song featuring the sounds of the ocean mixed into a composition by Sebastian Plano.
The name Keynvor is Cornish – literally translated as ‘Atlantic Ocean’.
The track will be published by Universal imprint Mercury KX/Decca Publishing on digital music providers such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Google Play. All revenue received from streams or downloads will be donated to charity Surfers Against Sewage, which helps protect coastal areas from threats such as erosion and pollution.
Client: James Nicholls, Senior Brand Manager, Sharp’s Brewery & Rachel Williams, Communications Manager, Sharp’s Brewery
Creative agency: Havas London
ECD: Ben Mooge
Creative Director: Matt Swinburne
Creatives: Owen Hunter Jenkins & Brodie King
Account team: Eleni Sarla, Holly Hurst, Andrew Symonds & Oliver Bradbury
Agency producer (film): Adam Henderson & Natasha King
Agency producer (print): Sarah Wells
Agency producer (digital): Sarah Wells
Planner: Clare Phayer
Media agency: Havas Group Media & Zenith
Media planner: Jo Blake, James Tyrell (Havas) & Emma Bucknall (Zenith)
Music Label: Mercury KX/Decca Publishing (Universal Music Group)
Universal Music Group creative manager – advertising & brands: George O'Brien 
PR: Universal Music Group, Cake, Organic
Influencer outreach: Socialyse
Production company: HKX Productions
Executive Producer: Lou Hardy
Post Producer: Stacey Macdonald
Director: George Messa
DoP: Shaun Atherton
Additional footage: Paul Terry
Sound Recordist: Tim Davies
2nd Unit Director: Femi Ladi
2nd Unit DoP: Joe Douglas
Editor: Simon Halsall
Designer: Dan Scheers, Steve Davies & Steve Hamon
Grade: Jax Harney @ Cheat
Soundtrack composer: Sebastian Plano
Audio post-production: James Lyme @ Scramble
Exposure: Online film, digital, press, OOH
Tags: UK

Y&R London: Pfizer 'Viagra Connect'

Agency: Y&R London
Client: Pfizer
Date: April 2018
A WPP health and wellness team comprised of Y&R London, Wavemaker, Burson Cohn & Wolfe, Geometry UK and Ogilvy Healthworld has been tasked by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare to support the launch of Viagra Connect - available for the first time without a prescription from UK pharmacies - to encourage the millions of men suffering from erectile dysfunction to take action.
The poster ads seek to remind consumers of the scale of erectile dysfunction in the UK and of demand for the product, reminding people that many men in the UK will be glad to be able to obtain Viagra without a prescription.
Y&R London:
Chief Creative Officer: Jon Burley
Creative Director: Jim Bolton
Creatives: Tony Malcolm, Josh Pearce, Sean Johnson
Global Brand Director Y&R: Nick Burstin
Strategy Director: Ross Cameron
Business Director: Ben Van der Gucht
Account Director: Marta Jales
Account Executive: Karolina Dovgialo
Senior Designer: Jason Hyde
Client Partner, Wavemaker Global: Zinia Bhattacharya
Strategy Director, Wavemaker Global: Francis Turner
Communications Planning Director, Wavemaker UK: Aidan Jackson-Kendall
Communications Planning Manager, Wavemaker UK: Emily Harris
Burson Cohn & Wolfe:
Managing Director: Catherine Keddie
Director: Ben Hickey
Account Director: April Hogan
Account Manager: Bethia Stone
Senior Account Executive: Florence Christie
Geometry Global UK:
Head of Strategy: Gregory Wells
Creative Director: Debbie Fagan
Art Director: Josh Crossley
Copywriter: Stephanie Gane
Business Director: Amo de Villele
Senior Account Manager: Marvin Green
Account Executive: James Lecomber
Ogilvy Healthworld:
Executive Creative Director: Chris Chappell
Head of Design: Paul Duncan
Managing Partner - Strategy and Planning: Lisa Roby
Senior Digital Strategist: Helen Watson
Business Director: Jonathan Lee
Account Director: Sasha Belova
Senior Project Manager: Marianne Lynch
Tags: UK, design, advertising, Y&R London, ooh, marketing
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Mother: IKEA 'Ghosts'

Agency: Mother
Client: IKEA
Date: April 2018
Ikea has launched a new integrated marketing campaign for Ireland and the UK, encouraging people to express their personality and style through home interiors by using Ikea textiles. The campaign uses the insight that while for many residents of Ireland and the UK our homes look the same, there is a desire to express ourselves through our interiors and be a ‘maverick with fabric’.
The campaign will launch in Irish press, broadcast TVC, cinema, digital and outdoor media, with additional TVC content optimised for social and mobile. The TVC will reach its peak with a 60-second film online and in cinemas along with a 60-second and 20-second on TV across Ireland and the UK from today, while also going live across print, digital and outdoor.
The advert, ‘Ghosts’, sees a gang of bright and bold spooks created out of stunning Ikea fabrics Gatecrash a dull party, hosted by ghosts made from plain white sheets in an equally plain and uninspiring suburban semi-detached house. The colourful new comers stand out among a sea of white sheets, and their arrival transforms the party from a ‘snooze-fest’ to a ‘fiesta of fun’, proving that if you dare to be a little different, things can get a whole lot more interesting.
Before long, all the ghosts are body-popping, black-flipping and head-banging away to a party anthem. However, the party comes to an end when the home owners arrive back unexpectedly. The quick thinking colourful ghosts collapse down into an array of bright Ikea textiles, leaving the once boring home now filled with beautiful textile items that reflect the personality of the home owners.
DIRECTOR: Dougal Wilson
DOP: Lasse Frank
PRODUCER: Ewen Brown
EDITOR: Joe Guest
PRODUCER: Michelle Corney
PRODUCER: Amy Richardson
2D ARTIST: Bruno Fukumothi
3D ARTIST: Diarmid Harrison Murray
TELECINE: Jean Clement Soret
SONG: Come Baby Come
Tags: UK
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Creature: British Red Cross 'The Power of Kindness'

Agency: Creature
Client: British Red Cross
Date: April 2018
Creature has unveiled a new 60-second film for the British Red Cross – showcasing the Power of Kindness. This follows extensive work Creature has been undertaking with the British Red Cross to help articulate their core brand promise.
Being one of the most recognisable brands in the world, the incredible work the Red Cross does overseas is widely understood. However, their work in the UK is less well known, and it’s these small ways in which anyone can make a difference through the power of kindness, that the film aims to highlight.
The film was shot in Manchester using real volunteers from the British Red Cross to help depict the challenging, but rewarding and important work they do. The whole organisation was involved in creating the film, from offering behind the scenes tips on how to make the situations as authentic and realistic as possible, to supporting the production crew on the day.
The narrative of the film shows how small acts of kindness have an infectious and cumulative effect and this is dramatised by a pulse of kindness emanating from within British Red Cross volunteers. A thought-provoking voiceover from actor Jason Isaacs describes how easy it is for one act to inspire another.
Creative Directors – Ben Middleton and Stu Outhwaite-Noel.
Creatives – Josh Dando and Steven Dodd
Strategy Director – Andrew Gibson
Producer – Kate Taylor
Account Team – Angus Campbell Golding
Director – Rocky Morton
Production Company - MJZ
Producer – Fraser Lawson
Sound - 750
Sound Engineer -
Post-Production – The Mill
Music composition - Eclectic
Tags: UK

Ogilvy & Mather London: Greenpeace 'Ocean of the Future'

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather London
Client: Greenpeace
Date: April 2018
Greenpeace is continuing its diatribe on consumer plastics, this time targeting supermarkets with the creation of a dystopian school trip to the aquarium.
The latest campaign from the environmental campaign includes three films following a group of young children as they visit the ‘Ocean of the Future’ aquarium.
Visibly excited to see creatures such as penguins, otters, octopuses and catfish, the kids are disappointed when they’re presented with floating plastic bags, bottles and packaging instead.
Ogilvy UK had turned Dingle Oceanworld Aquarium into an exhibition of supermarket plastics, demonstrating a ‘stark vision’ of the future oceans should humanity not take action to reduce the amount of unsustainable packaging produced.  The film aims to support Greenpeace’s petition calling on supermarkets in particular to reduce their plastic footprint.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Advertising
Chief Creative Officer: Mick Mahoney
Creative Director: Martha Riley
Art Director:  Ran Stallard
Chief Production Officer:  Clare Donald
Agency Producer: Jodie Sibson
Assistant Producer: Chloe Brown
Chief Strategic Officer:  Kevin Chesters
Business Director: Katharine Easteal
Production Company: Hoi Polloi 
Director: Chris Hugall
Producer: Peter Shuttleworth
DOP: David Pimm
Camera Op: Max Smith
Art Director: Jo Mooney
Sound: Duncan Ettie
Editor: Nye Williams 
Music production co: Soundtree Music
Composer: Peter Raeburn 
Orchestration: Peter Raeburn and Luke Fabia
Sound Design and mix: Henning Knöpfel
Post Production- Flame work: GPS
Producer: Annika Gustavsson
Post Production- Telecine: Unit/ Nick Dalby
Producer: Isabella Wakley
Tags: UK, Ad of the Day

FCB Lisbon: APAV – Portuguese Association for Victim Support 'Excuses'

Agency: FCB Lisbon
Client: APAV – Portuguese Association for Victim Support
Date: April 2018
This poster campaign, created to raise awareness of domestic abuse, riffs on common explanations and excuses – such as 'I fell down the stairs' or 'It was the door' – used by survivors to hide abuse.
The ads were made for the Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV), a domestic abuse charity.
To raise awareness about the truth behind these statements, FCB Lisbon created a series of ads showing surreal houses built out of stairs and doors, showing how a house would actually have to look like to make all these excuses true.
Creative Directors: Edson Athayde
Art Director: Eduardo Pastor
Copywriter: Leo Gomez
3D: Mulungu
Post production: WhiteLab
Account Director: Sónia Gonçalves
Tags: Portugal, advertising
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Carter Wong: TicketyBrew 'Brand revamp'

Agency: Carter Wong
Client: TicketyBrew
Date: April 2018
British craft beer brand TicketyBrew has unveiled a refreshed identity with design by multi-disciplinary studio Carter Wong. The studio was briefed to refine the brand’s structure and visual identity following the rapid expansion of the product range, which had led to a sprawling visual identity across more than 35 products.
To restore impact, Carter Wong refocused TicketyBrew’s messaging, stripping the brand back to a simplified identity with a more contemporary look and feel. The range was then segmented to provide structure, splitting the portfolio into a Core Range of 11 beers and a Limited Editions range of approximately 26 more unusual flavours.
Carter Wong retained the original colour palette for the Core Range but reduced the volume of written content on the wraparound label for a cleaner feel. Each flavour within the Core Range now has a number to help distinguish between the products, with a stamp design to celebrate where the beer is made and touches of bright colours to appeal to the latest trends. Across the Limited Editions range, a patterned background in vibrant tones creates standout to differentiate from the Core Range, with four patterns on rotation and colourways chosen based on the individual flavours.
Tags: UK, design, Branding, brand identity, beer, craft beer, alcohol, Food & Drink, Label

FCB Inferno: Project Literacy 'Daunting World'

Agency: FCB Inferno
Client: Project Literacy
Date: April 2018
FCB Inferno is continuing its work with Project Literacy, enlisting ad legend Mark Denton to help draw attention to the challenges associated with the issue of adult illiteracy.
The ‘Daunting World’ campaign for Project Literacy – a movement founded and convened by global education company Pearson to help advance global literacy – uses a series of images that bring to life some of the challenges faced by adults who struggle to read and write.
FCB Inferno partnered with Denton to create the images, a suite of eye-catching photographs taken by and art directed by Denton. They show everyday objects such as detergent bottles, greetings cards and board games, but on closer inspection of the image, the viewer will realize that the messages on each object explains the challenges these everyday objects can present for people who cannot read.
The stories behind the images are real, having been relayed to the Project Literacy team by the newly literate adults they have been working with as part of the campaign. One image of a medicine bottle, for example, directly reflects the story told by Wanda, a now-literate adult from Philadelphia, who movingly described the anxiety she felt each time she had to give her children medicine when they were sick because she could not read the instructions on the packaging.
Chief Creative Officer: Owen Lee
Senior Art Director: Jessica Giles
Senior Copywriter: Austin Hamilton
Strategy Director: Julie Lagan
Senior Producer: Bridie Scriven
Business Director: Helena Georghiou
Senior Account Manager: Charlie Griffith
Graduate: Emma King
Production Company: COY! Communications / Mark Denton
Photographer: Joe Giacomet
Tags: UK

: Cannes Film Festival 'Cannes Poster'

Client: Cannes Film Festival
Date: April 2018
The 71st Festival de Cannes has unveiled its official poster which features a woman and a man (Karina and Belmondo) engaged in a passionate kiss  taken from Jean-Luc Godard’s Pierrot le fou (1965).
The poster is shot by Georges Pierre who founded the Association des Photographes de Films and  is the work of graphic designer Flore Maquin.
Tags: Europe
Pierrot le fou © Georges Pierre

Brave: Panasonic '#PlayWithStyle '

Agency: Brave
Client: Panasonic
Date: April 2018
Panasonic Grooming has unveiled football legend Rio Ferdinand as the new ambassador for its upcoming #PlayWithStyle campaign.
With a recent study revealing that four out of five men (81%)[1] said looking great before an important event helped to improve their confidence, the style-savvy former Manchester United and England star has been recruited to show men the importance of playing with style, both on and off the pitch.
Conceptualised by creative agency Brave and filmed by New Era Productions
Tags: UK

Above+Beyond: OnePlus '#NeverSettleFilm'

Agency: Above+Beyond
Client: OnePlus
Date: April 2018
A new campaign for smartphone brand OnePlus celebrates the company's open innovation culture by inviting its fans to help produce its latest ad. As OnePlus has grown, it has acquired a highly engaged community of fans and users, who guide product development through their feedback.
Above+Beyond's campaign for the smartphone maker takes this collaborative structure one step further by involving the fans in the brand’s advertising, with a film made by incorporating ideas from the OnePlus community.
Above+Beyond will create six versions of the #NeverSettleFilm, taking the best and most interesting suggestions and incorporating them into each new iteration. The final version will be shown at the launch of the upcoming OnePlus 6. All the films will take place in an ever-evolving set with the narrative captured in a single take each time. They will be produced in-house at Above+Beyond, and directed by independent director Carly Cussen.
Creative Agency - Above+Beyond
Sound Design - Scramble
Director - Carly Cussen
Tags: UK, Above+Beyond, OnePlus, Never Settle Film
Never Settle Film - 1

Signal Productions: Schwarzkopf 'Live Colour'

Agency: Signal Productions
Client: Schwarzkopf
Date: April 2018
Signal Productions has produced a new TV spot promoting Schwarzkopf's Live range of ultrabright hair dyes. The agency was briefed to build on the success of a 2017 TVC, with the aim of driving sales of hair colour products and NPDs using a mixture of talent from models to influencers.
The agency captured vertical video, TVC footage, point-of-sale and digital outdoor content in a studio complex, allowing the talent to move from one shoot to the next. The strategy allowed the creation of a vast amount of assets and content for the brand's push.
The campaign also saw a return to Signal's rear projection technique, which allowed it to shoot models and talent against multiple backdrops with a rapid turnaround for each setup.
Director - Regan Hall
Creative Director - Neil Bennett, Signal Productions
Producer - Neil Bennett, Signal Productions
Production Manager - Lauren Werry, Signal Productions
Art Director - Julian Marien, Signal Productions
Agency: Recordbay
Tags: UK, marketing, advertising
Schwarzkopf LIVE Colour
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Steve Casino: Plenish 'The Royal Nuts'

Agency: Steve Casino
Client: Plenish
Date: April 2018
To celebrate the highly anticipated Royal wedding on May 19, Plenish, the all organic British nut milk brand has given almonds, cashews, hazelnuts and coconuts a Royal makeover and transformed them into mini replica royals, depicting what Harry and Meghan’s big day might look like.
Plenish worked with the world’s only nut artist, Ohio-based Steve Casino, and has collaborated with him to recreate the royal nuptials.
Finding an artist that was capable of bringing Plenish’s vision to life was no mean feat but the uniquely talented Steve Casino helped to make their nuts idea a reality. The artist spent over 362 hours transforming shells into miniature figurines and scenes of the Royal Wedding.
Each of the four different nuts that make-up the range of Plenish Milks – almonds, coconuts, cashews and hazelnuts – were hand-painted, resulting in intricate life-like figurines of the Queen, Prince Charles, Kate, William, Harry and Meghan. Cashew nuts were used to create the Queen’s infamous royal corgis. The scenes of Westminster Abbey and the Royal Balcony incorporate coconuts and hazelnuts carefully crafted to depict realistic royal backdrops.
Tags: UK