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APAV, the Portuguese Association for Victim Support, has unveiled two mind-bending posters that draw attention to common excuses used by survivors of domestic abuse.

Created by FCB Lisbon, the poster campaign was borne out of information from the client that  most abused women go to hospital with excuses that hide the violence. APAV highlighted two of the most popular phrases – ‘It was the door again’ and ‘I fell down the stairs’ and passed them to the agency.

FCB then conceptualised two surreal, uncanny rooms that would prove the women's excuses to be true. One is a room made entirely of stairs, while another is made entirely of doors.

Engraved into the walls are doors of each is the end line: ‘For most women, the excuses are always the same. Report the real aggressor. Report domestic violence.’

The campaign will run in local magazines and newspapers, while posters will also be posted at universities, hospitals and health centres.

FCB Lisbon: APAV – Portuguese Association for Victim Support 'Excuses'

Agency: FCB Lisbon
Client: APAV – Portuguese Association for Victim Support
Date: April 2018
This poster campaign, created to raise awareness of domestic abuse, riffs on common explanations and excuses – such as 'I fell down the stairs' or 'It was the door' – used by survivors to hide abuse.
The ads were made for the Portuguese Association for Victim Support (APAV), a domestic abuse charity.
To raise awareness about the truth behind these statements, FCB Lisbon created a series of ads showing surreal houses built out of stairs and doors, showing how a house would actually have to look like to make all these excuses true.
Creative Directors: Edson Athayde
Art Director: Eduardo Pastor
Copywriter: Leo Gomez
3D: Mulungu
Post production: WhiteLab
Account Director: Sónia Gonçalves
Tags: Portugal, advertising