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Just as the Cambridge Analytica drama is fading (somewhat) from memory, Bloomberg Businessweek is out with a sobering cover story about Peter Thiel's mysterious data-mining company. "Do you know Palantir?" type on the April 20 cover asks. "Because Palantir knows you." The cover image is obviously meant to evoke a "Big Brother"-esque aura.

Reported by Peter Waldman, Lizette Chapman and Jordan Robertson, Bloomberg Businessweek's feature opens with previously undisclosed details about an internal program at JPMorgan Chase that was meant to "protect against perfidious traders and other miscreants" but turned into a "spying scandal" that "vacuumed up emails and browser histories, GPS locations from company-issued smartphones, printer and download activity, and transcripts of digitally recorded phone conversations."

The effort, which Bloomberg Businessweek says went astray when a JPMorgan Chase security executive "went rogue," was "aided by as many as 120 'forward-deployed engineers' from the data-mining company Palantir Technologies Inc."

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