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Blackberry’s Director of CyberSecurity Services, James McDowell will be sharing his views as a keynote speaker at next week’s GDPR Summit: London.

James will be among a number of industry leaders bringing their expertise to the conference at 155 Bishopsgate on Monday, which is designed to help organisations understand the requirements of the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation, and learn what needs to be done in order to achieve compliance.

James is an experienced head in cybersecurity and information security, and manages global sales and project teams to deliver a wide range of specialist security consultancy and physical assessment services with a specific focus on automotive security.

At the forefront of data security, legislative changes in data law coming out of Europe have put James in the frontline of GDPR compliance, enabling him to develop a deep understanding of what organisational adaptations are needed to drive data usage in a secure and legal way.

For four years, James was Director of Services at Encription Ltd, a NCSC GCHQ-certified IT security consultancy specialising in penetration testing, digital forensics and training. Following BlackBerry’s acquisition of Encription two years ago, James’ principle role today involves delivering effective and robust approaches to IT security against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

Cyber Security under the GDPR
Safe and compliant data processing will be core to maintaining best practice under the GDPR, and to avoiding potentially disastrous financial penalties. But beyond this, a comprehensive audit of cyber security measures combined with the improvements this produces, will lay the foundations for a healthier business in an era in which customers are actively seeking organisations they can trust with their information.

Business reputation, employee confidence and market share are business fundamentals that companies stand to enhance through a more accurate, relevant and safe approach to personal data.

How secure are your defences?
Attendees of GDPR Summit: London will be able to hear James McDowell discuss key issues of cyber security and why it’s integral to GDPR compliance.

At the GDPR Roadmap theatre, James will also explain changes that need to be made in cyber security practices, and highlight the importance of C-suite backing if this vital component to digital safety is to engender safer data handling practices that galvanise the business, its employees and its customers.

Get on the right road to comprehensive compliance
GDPR Summit London comes to 155 Bishopsgate on Monday, April 23rd.

Supported by the University of Reading’s Henley Business School, GDPR Summit London will see industry leaders unpack the GPDR across three keynote theatres: GDPR Roadmap, Roadmap for Sales and Marketing, and GDPR HR Briefing.

Delegates can expect a day full of insight, actionable insight and live debate on all the key issues of the forthcoming Regulation, so that the right steps are taken to safeguard data protection practices.

To book your ticket, or to see the agenda in full, click here.

By Tom Jenkins, Features Editor, GDPR Report