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Champion is highlighting individuals who ‘Dare to be Champion’ in its latest campaign, and the passions of those individuals led our readers to vote it the US Creative Work of the Week.

In three different profile videos, three inspiring individuals are showcased – a skateboarder from LA, Leandre; a dancer from LA, Jaira; and an artist from New York City, Casey. The three encapsulate Champion’s vision: one that celebrates the life, heart, skill and dreams of real champions, according to the brand.

Leandre is seen skating LA streets and skate parks to hone his skills, while Jaira uses her dancing to create her own identity. Casey uses abandoned buildings to create his elaborate street art, baring it all artistically even though he knows the works may be painted over soon after.

Partnering with creative AOR 360i, Champion casts a light on the real-life passions of Leandre, Jaira, and Casey, leaning in to the brand’s accessibility and away from the notion that success is solely defined as winning. Instead, it shows three people whose hard work and talents make them keep trying, even if they haven’t found fame yet.

To view the spots, click on the Creative Works box below.

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