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Starburst aficionados know that the pink flavor - which purports to be strawberry - is by the far best, which explains why the brand finally caved to fans’ tastes last year and introduced all-pink bags for a limited time.

This year, the Mars-owned brand is temporarily bringing back the all-pink bags once again, but this time with an added bonus: fans can now get their hands on a clothing line so they can flaunt their allegiance to the pink Starburst.

The millennial pink merch line, which has its own website, includes a $45 sweatshirt, $140 denim jacket, two $25 t-shirts and a $20 scarf. For superfans, there’s a $650 neon light that says 'You Are A Pink Starburst.' 

According to the brand, the line was inspired by memes that say things like, “Never let anyone treat you like a yellow Starburst. You are a pink Starburst.”

“To be referred to as a pink Starburst is something special, and we continue to see people share the ‘I am a pink Starburst’ meme,” said Audrey Arbeeny, senior associate brand manager for Starburst, in a statement. “We wanted to bring that reference to life offline for our fans, and what better way to do that than launch a merch line where they can boldly wear it on their sleeves.”

Starburst collaborated with Erin Robertson, winner of 'Project Runway' season 15, on the line, which the brand says will be available while supplies last. Robertson is starring in a video for Starburst to promote the new line and shared the news on social as well. 

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