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Malaysian actress and social media influencer Noor Neelofa Mohd Noor (pictured) has found herself under the spotlight again, after an image of a billboard attacking her gained traction online.

The billboard took a jab at the Zouk controversy that Neelofa caused in February 2018, which saw her being criticised for launching her new Naelofar Hijab collection at the club. The billboard wrote "Dear Lofa, surely a Zoo is way decent than Zouk. Sincerely from,", according to multiple media reports, including the New Straits Times (NST).

According to NST, Neelofa said she took the billboard seriously and is considering taking legal action.

On its website claims to be a cosmetics factory that produces "high quality" products that are in line with international export standards. Its website stated that the company produces exclusive and custom-made products for its customers. It added that "special materials" imported from France, South Korea and Switzerland are used in the products, and the standard of each product is "guaranteed" to be equivalent to that of SK-II.

A+M has reached out to and Neelofa for comments.

Meanwhile, she also recently spearheaded an anti-cyberbullying and fake news campaign on social media, together with actor Datuk Hans Isaac. Themed "Spread Truth Not Lies" and "I Am With You", the campaign intends to educate consumers on their right to protect themselves against cyberbullying and fake news, The Star reported.

During the campaign launch, Neelofa said many individuals do not realise they are cyberbullies, and that some feel they are responsible for advising people. However, they go about doing it the "wrong way", she added.

This year hasn't been the easiest for the star who apologised in February for the Zouk conundrum, adding that all cultural and religious sensitivities will be considered for future events. The year hasn't been an easy one for the star who also copped flak on social media for promoting Chew N’ Glow, a beauty supplement targeted at both adults and infants. In an Instagram Stories post that has since been removed, Neelofa was seen promoting the anti-aging product, claiming that it removes wrinkles and tightens the skin.

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