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Are you an incredibly attractive person who works in entertainment and/or politics? I'm so sorryI know this must be a difficult day for you.

Take a close look at the People magazine cover, above, which was released on social media this morning. It says "The Beautiful Issue" instead of "World's Most Beautiful." As People Editor-in-Chief Jess Cagle explained in a teaser post yesterday (in which he declined to reveal that Pink would land his latest cover, saving that reveal for today),

This week we will be unveiling our annual issue celebrating Hollywood's most beautiful stars. We've been doing it every year since 1990 when Michelle Pfeiffer was on the coverand picking the cover subject of our "World's Most Beautiful" issue has always been one of the best parts of my job. ... Over the years the name of the issue has evolved ("50 Most Beautiful," "Most Beautiful Woman," etc.), but the words "Most Beautiful" have always been part of the title. This year we're renaming it "The Beautiful Issue" to make clear that the issue is not a beauty contest. Nothing else has changed.

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