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At the Digiday Publishing Summit last month in Vail, Colorado, and at Digiday Publishing Summit Europe in Monaco in February, we sat down with 133 publishing executives to learn what revenue streams they expect to grow as a follow-up to our previous research. Learn about how you can join our exclusive research panel here.

Quick takeaways:

  • Less than half of publishers in Digiday’s surveys expect revenues to increase from display advertising.
  • Nearly three-quarters say video revenues will go up.
  • Branded content is the revenue channel most expected to grow.
  • Not all publishers with consumer revenue streams believe they will grow.

In Digiday’s previous research, display advertising, video advertising and branded content were the only three channels that at least 75 percent of publishers were monetizing. Of the surveyed publishers, 98 percent reported that they earned revenue from display advertising. However, only 47 percent of the same publishers expect to these revenues to grow.

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