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Dataxu has today (April 17) announced the launch of an audience targeting service that will let advertisers target viewers of addressable, connected and linear TV services from a single platform which it claims will improve yield for media owners, increase efficiency for advertisers as well as reduce ad load time.

Dubbed TotalTV, the newly launched platform lets advertisers target advanced audiences with global frequency controls and has been used in beta with Sky in Europe, which itself has invested in Dataxu, and enables broadcasters to enable audience targeting across screens with global frequency controls across devices.

In addition, it also offers them to predict the reach of their campaigns, as well as unified GRP and TRP reporting as well as a host of other post-campaign analytics, using Dataxu’s OneView cross-channel identity and data management solution.

Jamie West, deputy managing director of Sky Media, and group director of advanced advertising at Sky, said: “TV advertisers want to invest in high quality, curated TV content, but also realize the benefits of digital targeting and scale. Over the last two years, Sky has been using Dataxu’s TotalTV solution to deliver our TV advertisers hundreds of video ad campaigns with advanced audiences. This is the future of TV.”

Sandro Catanzaro, Dataxu, chief innovation officer, added: “TV owners and distributors are facing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. While consumer access fragmentation is a challenge to business as usual, there’s a huge opportunity to leverage data analytics technology to transform TV.”