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VML: Innisfree 'Beauty green tea hydrating station'

Agency: VML
Client: Innisfree
Date: April 2018
South Korean beauty brand Innisfree has installed a beauty green tea hydrating station at the Pavilion shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia today (April 16) to promote its new green tea seed serum product.
The station will allow consumers to access an Innisfree microsite through a beauty green tea portal which is installed with a QR code, to learn about the world of hydration and the new green tea seed serum.
Consumers will also be given the opportunity to redeem a trial kit at their preferred Innisfree store, get a sneak peak of the pop-up store, its key activities and promotions. Consumers who share the microsite on their Facebook will also receive a surprise from Innisfree.
The campaign was organised by VML Malaysia, Moxim, D Twelve and Hashtagcity.
Tags: Malaysia

Brave Bison: 'Journey By Design by ANA'

Agency: Brave Bison
Date: April 2018
The second part of ‘Journey by Design’ will focus on five core markets (Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia), and will be a multi-platform strategy designed to attract new customers to the Asian region.
At the heart of the campaign are six influencers who will be creating videos and photo posts for YouTube and Instagram following an invitation to experience Japan like never before.  There will be influencers from each region, WiriWiri and Chanagan from Thailand, Chloe Nguyen (Vietnam), The Smart Local (Singapore), Josephine Yap (Malaysia) and LASTDAY Production (Indonesia).
The creative process and project management will be led by Debbie Lin, brand solutions manager, Asia at Brave Bison.
Tags: Japan

BBDO: Virgin Active 'CPROBIC'

Agency: BBDO
Client: Virgin Active
Date: April 2018
Virgin Active, a world-class fitness club brand, has launched a new class and initiative that combines a calorie-burning activity with a life-saving one.
The class is called “CPROBIC” – a new way to work out that integrates CPR movements with BOSU exercise, helping fitness goers learn life-saving skills while simultaneously burning calories in the 45-minute class.
Most Thais have very little CPR practice, leading to an incorrect administration of CPR in real-life situations. Statistics show that only 6% of patients needing on-the-spot CPR receive it before reaching the hospital.
Taught by CPR-certified trainers from Virgin Active, the CPROBIC class turns fitness lovers into skilled life-savers, all the while helping them burn more than 400 calories in 45 minutes.
This class was available for the first time in Thailand on 5 March 2018
Tags: Thailand

Ogilvy Hong Kong: Marriott 'Stay Brilliant'

Agency: Ogilvy Hong Kong
Client: Marriott
Date: April 2018
Marriott Hotels has launched its Hong Kong Sevens sponsorship campaign, using retired rugby star Sébastien Chabal to play on the event’s dress up ritual, encouraging fans to ‘Stay Brilliant’.
The key video in the campaign presents an ‘innovative’ new wake up call service from the hotel brand, which turns out to be Chabal smashing through a wall in a French maids outfit.
Other videos see Chabal dressing up in ridiculous outfits, not unlike those worn by attendees to the Hong Kong Sevens tournament, singing along to the DJ ötzi song ‘Hey Baby’, as well as offering tips for people to enjoy the event.
The key theme of all the videos and the creative for Marriot International’s sponsorship of the Sevens in Hong Kong is ‘Stay Brilliant’, which hopes to show that Marriott’s focus on innovative, creative services can help people stay brilliant.
Ogilvy Hong Kong
Tags: Hong Kong

Grey Group Malaysia: Tesco 'The Unforgettable Bag'

Agency: Grey Group Malaysia
Client: Tesco
Date: April 2018
Tesco Malaysia has launched ‘The Unforgettable Bag’ - a new bag design that is the centerpiece of a campaign to help reduce single-use plastic bags, by encouraging customers to bring back their bags for every time they shop.
Grey Team
Graham Drew, Executive Creative Director
Heng Thang Wei, Creative Director
Ronojoy Ghosh, Creative Director (whiteGREY)
Austin Lee, Art Director
Ralve Khor Designer
Shamini Kandiah, Copywriter
Jo Yau, General Manager
Kenzhen Leong, Account Director
Huma Qureshi, Regional Director PR & Corp Comms, AMEA
Production Team
Rawr Studios
Sound Design
Two AM Music Studios
Tags: Malaysia, Tesco, Grey Group
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: AGM Mobile '2 Be Better'

Client: AGM Mobile
Date: March 2018
In this Chinese ad for the rugged AGM X2 smartphone, a woman loses her husband during an operation, but through the magic of technology, he is still alive through the AGM X2 smartphone.
She is put in several scenarios where her connection to her virtual husband is tested, like when she drops the phone in the river, later to recover it and find out that the phone is waterproof, or when street thugs step on and try to break the phone, only to discover that the phone is nearly indestructible.
Tags: China