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Kak Girl_Bosch AA

Bosch Automarket Malaysia (Bosch AA), a global supplier of automotive technology and services, has collaborated with Malaysia's lip-syncing queen Kak Girl to remind Malaysians to have their car batteries checked. This is to ensure safe travels and prevent car breakdowns, which might disrupt voters' journeys to their polling stations.

Done in conjunction with Alpha Access PR, the video will run on social media until 9 May 2018. The video is also part of the company's efforts to empower drivers by raising public awareness on vehicle maintenance and its impact on road safety.

In the video, Kak Girl is seen to have overslept on the election day and as such scrambles to reach her polling station on time. A curveball was thrown in her direction when Kak Girl realises her car battery died. She begins to panic and grows upset that she will not be able to vote. However, Kak Girl realises she might have a solution to the problem and opens the boot of her car to reveal Bosch's SM Mega Power battery.

Check out the video here:

In a statement to A+M, Bosch AA's spokesperson said it chose to work with Kak Girl in particular as she appeals to its target audience, especially since the company is focusing on empowering women to understand the technicalities of their vehicles. The video is a lighthearted attempt that Bosch AA is taking to appeal to the female audience.

Country manager Pang Yoon Kong said the video stemmed from the fact that battery malfunction contributes to 70% of car breakdowns. As such, Bosch AA wants to remind Malaysians not to let something as minor as a battery malfunction disrupt their plans to vote.

"We are proud to work on this video to encourage Malaysians to exercise their right to vote. We foresee that many people will be travelling back to their hometowns to vote come polling day and as a responsible company, we would like to encourage drivers practice proper vehicle maintenance to ensure passenger safety and ease road congestion along major highways," Pang added.