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Diageo brand Black & White continues with its sharing philosophy by encouraging people to reach out to others and forge new friendships with a new short film.

The film, shot in black and white, showcases strangers becoming friends while running on a beach, at the theatre, while camping and at the carnival.

The film was directed by Jamie Muir and produced by Firecracker films. It was shot across varied landscapes in Portugal.

Abhishek Shahabadi, portfolio head for the premium and luxury category said: “The commercial was created with the aim of spreading the message that personal satisfaction comes from sharing the good things in life, with people around us. The storyboard motivates people to step out and share a bit of themselves, urging them not to hold back, thereby enriching their lives.”

Priya Shivakumar, senior vice president and executive creative director, JWT Bangalore said: “What if we saw a stranger as a connection waiting to be made, or as a role they could play in our life? Would we then be more open to reaching out and sharing? In a world of superficial connections and transactional relationships, we wanted this message to go beyond the medium and make a difference to people’s lives.

"So that next time you’re alone at a table in a café or waiting for that delayed flight to take off, you look up from your phone, look around and find a meaningful connection that could enrich your life in ways you cannot imagine. That could be the stuff of riveting stories or memories held dear.” 

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