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From beauty enthusiasts championing their favourite products, to health vloggers promoting their protein shakes, to discount codes on social media - influencer marketing continues to evolve. Brands, meanwhile, are leveraging influencers more than ever to increase engagement and customer loyalty. Not only do influencers yield power to introduce new audiences; they offer a unique and authentic perspective in social media conversations.  

But confusion over how to measure results with influencer marketing as well as how to handle instances of fake followers in an industry which is calling for more transparency means that marketers may hesitate before investing in this area.

The Drum, in partnership with influencer marketing platform Buzzoole, is launching a research survey on influencer marketing in the UK and US to explore some of these issues.

The survey will look at how brands and agencies are approaching their influencer marketing strategies – as well as what is influencing their current buying decisions. The findings from the survey will form the basis of the Influencer Marketing Report and will be unveiled mid-May.

The survey will talk about issues such as measurement, attribution and budgeting, as well as provide insight into the latest influencer marketing challenges faced by brands and agencies as well as opportunities for future investment.

Find out more about investment in influencers. Fill out the survey here