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Samsung has showcased the strong bond between a mother and daughter in its latest TVC introducing its new digital inverter refrigerator range.

The spot conceptualised by Cheil features a young working woman gifting her mother a refrigerator that runs on both inverter and solar power.

In the film, the mother is seen entering the daughter’s house while she is away at work. The mother brings a pudding that she has prepared for her daughter, popping it in her daughter’s fridge for her to enjoy when she is back from work. However, just as she is leaving, there is a power cut. 

When the daughter returns home the power outage is still there but she is elated to see the pudding in the fridge. She calls her mother to appreciate her love but the mother is concerned that the pudding might have gone bad because of the long power cut. The daughter tells her not to worry because her new refrigerator even works on the home inverter.

Ranjivjit Singh, chief marketing officer, Samsung India, said: “Through this emotional story, we wanted to communicate how our new refrigerator line runs non-stop on the home inverter, making life better for a modern young Indian women. The campaign crossing 50m views on YouTube in India is a testimony of consumer love and trust in brand Samsung."

Aneesh Jaisinghani, executive creative director, Cheil India, added: “Samsung is a brand that stands for innovation. The task at hand was to show how this offering of a refrigerator that runs on an inverter can make a world of a difference in the consumers’ life, in a very real way. 

"This film is crafted in a way that makes the viewer feel that this is a situation straight out of their lives. The narrative beautifully connects the ad to its viewers and we are seeing a lot of positive response to the campaign. We hope to garner more brand love through this emotional campaign."

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