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My family makes time once a week for board game night. We are a competitive bunch, and it certainly shows in our gameplay. Take Battleship, for instanceif one of us is unlucky enough to guess a sector that doesn't correspond to a ship, you can guarantee that the white "miss" peg will be accompanied by a healthy dose of gloating and trash talking.

In the B2C world, a "miss" is more than just an embarrassmentit has real bottom-line financial and brand implications. A customer calls in using a phone other than the number on their account, and you make them jump through hoops to identify and verify themselves? That's a white peg. Incorrectly flag a legitimate order as fraudulent and cancel it, as was the case with almost a third of orders cancelled for suspicion of fraud in North America in 2016? That's definitely a white peg.

Generally these misses spring from good intentions: businesses engaging in due diligence to protect their customers from fraud. Certainly with the recent spate of high-profile data breaches, not to mention the increasing sophistication of fraudsters, they'd be remiss not to step up their efforts.

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