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Renault has collaborated with Facebook Creative Shop to create a Facebook Live real-time competition to promote Renault Megane RS (Renault Sport).

As part of the 'Everyday Race' campaign which took place on 5 April, street cameras streamed the traffic crossing’s activity of the pedestrians live to Renault’s Facebook page where people placed bets on who will be first to reach the other side of the crossing.

In total there were four races which were hosted by professional sports journalist, Sandy Herbert. Between each race, Sandy and her data analyst analyzed the performance of the pedestrians.

To complement the Facebook Live event, the campaign was teased by a series of four 15 second, vertical videos that will run across both Facebook and Instagram in France, Germany, Nederland, Romania, Morocco, South Africa and Gulf Countries

Carine Gailliez, Renault's global content and media director: “We wanted to celebrate the RS Spirit by showcasing everyday situations where our competitive instinct is released. At some level, everyone has experienced a feeling of competition, but there are some that have this spirit stronger and push it further than others. It's in our DNA to compete as humans and we hope to engage with people who want to experience that feeling more in their everyday lives.”