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Marketing directors often state the need to ensure the continued production of high quality of TV content when asked what they look for most when spending on the platform. As a result, a new video series will explore how hit series such as The Great British Bake Off are designed to meet the needs of audiences and advertisers.

Anatomy of a Hit, hosted by journalist John Plunkett, will talk to the creators of some of the UK’s biggest hit shows to gain insight into how they do it, and offer advertisers insights into how they create their own growing stream of content to successfully engage audiences.

The first episode features Richard McKerrow, co-founder and creative director at Love Production, the force behind Bake Off, who discusses how long it took to get the show commissioned and how it successfully transitioned from its original home of BBC One, where it became one of the nation’s favourite programmes, over to rival broadcaster Channel 4, alongside a new presenting line-up. He will also offer some insights for what to expect for the upcoming season.

“We take a very documentary sensibility approach to Bake Off, explained McKerrow. “Contributor care is the utmost,” he adds while talking about the production of the show which he reveals was never expected to be the success it has become.

Made by Thinkbox, the series has been devised with the intention of offering “an entertaining peak behind the curtain” of TV content producers in order to share previously unheard insights and to “surprised, delight and show advertisers and agency professionals something about how great TV content is made and how strong relationships with viewers are built.”

Through the series, advertisers will learn first-hand from TV producers how to engage large audiences through the production of their own video content, using branded content and ad spots.

So popular is the Great British Bake Off that it last week announced the agreement of TV’s largest sponsorship deal with Amazon ahead of the second series going to air on Channel 4.

In March, a study commissioned by Thinkbox and undertaken by Ebiquity, claimed that the average advertising campaign generated £3.24 for each £1 spent, with TV being responsible for 62% of all advertising-generated profit at an ROI of £1.73 for each £1.