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Though marketers such as Mozilla and Pep Boys have said they're pulling spending on Facebook ads at least for now, advertisers across the board are more likely to keep buying there. They're giving the social network the benefit of the doubt, calculating that its problems won't taint them or both.

"We at Clorox stand by Facebook as an essential partner in building our brands," Clorox Co. Chief Marketing Officer Eric Reynolds said in a statement. "We feel good about the steps Facebook is taking to protect people's privacy and security and are confident it will continue to be aggressive in honoring its commitments to the Facebook community of advertisers and users above all else."

Facebook has done "soul-searching" both over the last year and since the Cambridge Analytica reports came out this month, Reynolds says. Clorox trusts this will "galvanize the company to increase security further and safeguard people's information on the platform it built with great love and care so it can be a force for good."

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