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BBDO New York: Cure Alzheimer's Disease 'Daughter and Mother'

Agency: BBDO New York
Client: Cure Alzheimer's Disease
Date: March 2018
Cure Alzheimer’s Fund has released its first-ever PSA, showing the effects Alzheimer’s can have on loved ones.  The goal is to help shed light on how an investment in a cure is an investment in all of our futures.
The new film, entitled 'Daughter and Mother,' was created pro bono by BBDO New York and was born out the of insight that moms will do anything to ensure that their children’s lives are happy, fulfilled, and unburdened; even when they are grown.
While most organizations are focused on Alzheimer’s awareness and care, Cure Alzheimer’s Fund is dedicated to funding research with the highest probability of preventing, slowing or reversing Alzheimer’s disease. 
At present, the work is being posted on Cure Alzheimer’s Fund website and social channels.
CLIENT: Cure Alzheimer’s Fund
SPOT: Daughter and Mother
Cure Alzheimer’s Fund
Timothy W. Armour, President and CEO
Barbara Chambers, Senior Engagement Officer, Marketing and Communications
BBDO New York 
David Lubars, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide
Greg Hahn, Chief Creative Officer, BBDO NY
Mike Smith, Executive Creative Director
Matthew Brink, Senior Creative Director
Adam Livesey, Senior Creative Director
David Rolfe, Head of Integrated Production
Amy Wertheimer, Executive Producer
Diane McCann, Executive Producer
Melissa Chester, Music Producer
Grace Kelly, Business Manager
Josh Goodman, VP Account Director
Crystal Rix, Chief Strategy Officer
Vicky Szuflita, Planner
Production: O POSITIVE
David Shane, Director
Ralph Laucella & Marc Grill, Executive Producers
Marc Grill, Producer
Mark Laliberte-Else, Director of Photography
Editorial: Number 6
Jason MacDonald, Editor
Corina Dennison, Executive Producer
Malia Rose, Producer
Conform/Finish: No 7
Ed Skupeen, Conform Artist
Audio Finishing: Heard City
Evan Mangiamele, Engineer
Sasha Awn, Producer
Tags: United States
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The Community: Corona Familiar 'Corona Familiar'

Agency: The Community
Client: Corona Familiar
Date: March 2018
With two TV spots running nationally across the US, the Corona Familiar campaign highlights how sharing a Familiar goes beyond simply sharing a beer with a friend.
The spots, 'Friends that Are Family' and 'It’s Familiar,' follow a group of friends as they experience various life moments, ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary, over a six-pack of Familiars.
Through the depth of their friendship, activities like attending a party, running a race, and getting a new pool become collective ones. In friendships where 'what happens to you happens to all,' happiness, sorrow – and a Familiar beer – become shared.
Agency: the community
Chief Creative Officers: Jose Molla and Joaquin Molla
VP, Executive Creative Director: Ricky Vior
Associate Creative Directors: Silvio Caielli, Marcelo Padoca, and Fernando Reis
Sr. Copywriter: Rodrigo Gonzalez
Sr. Art Director: Cora Perez
VP of Integrated Production: Laurie Malaga
Producer: Lucia Riquelme
Account Director: Agustina Massa
Account Supervisor: Eric Jimenez
Account Coordinator: Jacqueline Aran and Rachel Startz
VP of Strategy: Andrew Speyer
Director of Strategy: Pablo Rosas
Sr. Strategist: Amilynn Soto
Manager of Creative Services: Maru Sokolowski
Production Company: Nunchaku
Director: Nicolas Kasakoff
Executive Producer: Leda Nasio
Unit Production Manager: Julian Castro and Fuad Abed
1st AD: Dafna Harrison and Paco Llaca
Director of Photography: Mischa Lluch, Gonzalo Amat, and Leonardo Hermo
Offline Editing House: The Makers Lab
Online Post House: The Makers Lab
Editor: Timothy Downing
Producer: Sharon Campos, Nadia Bowen, and Lucia Riquelme
Music House: Super Sonica
Composer: Antonio Pinto, David Bewssler, and Gabriel Ferreira
Producer: Marilia K Franco
Color Correction/VFX: CO3, Moving Forward
Executive Producer: Alexandra Lubrano
Colorist: Sofie Borup
VFX: Leo Lovera
Audio Mix: The Makers Lab, VaporPost
Producer: Sharon Campos, Nadia Bowen, and Andres Morales
Mixer/Engineer: Jeannine Guenther and Jose Toledo
Brand: Corona
Sr. VP & Chief Marketing Officer: Jim Sabia
VP, Brand Marketing: John Alvarado
Brand Director: Alex Schultz
Brand Manager: Katie Herrmann
Associate Brand Manager: Peter Sundry
Associate Brand Manager: Saul Trejo
Tags: United States
It's Familiar
Friends That Are Family
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: Apple 'Fly Market'

Client: Apple
Date: March 2018
A man dances his way through a crowded marketplace, picking up desired purchases just by gazing into his iPhone X. That’s the concept behind Apple’s new spot, ‘Fly Market,’ which shines a light on the ease of using the device’s Face ID and Apple Pay.
In the film a young man walks through a market with his friends when he spots a hat he must have. He looks at his iPhone X, gets recognized by Face ID and pays with Apple Pay as the hat quivers then magically jumps onto his head.
He then dances his way through an eclectic market using quick glances to update his wardrobe with the rest of his purchases, including custom suits, new kicks, specs and accessories until he’s dressed to the nines and moving smoothly through each market area like Michael Jackson. He even gets a chair for his family that burns through the market on the way to the house through some slick special effects.
The magical shopping odyssey is set to the upbeat sound of ‘Back Pocket’ by Vulfpeck.
Tags: United States

BBDO New York: Sandy Hook Promise 'Say Something'

Agency: BBDO New York
Client: Sandy Hook Promise
Date: March 2018
Gun violence has been at the top of the news for weeks, in response to the murders of 17 high school students in Parkland, Florida. To try to peacefully combat gun violence Sandy Hook Promise (SHP) is launching the Say Something Anonymous Reporting System (SS-ARS) into schools across the country, including accelerated rollout in four of the most at-risk states.
The campaign will be amplified by a national public service ad titled ‘The Other Side,’ produced by BBDO New York, that will also air on all major broadcast and cable networks and digital platforms today (March 22).
In the chilling spot, a teen boy is in his bedroom, talking about how people think a school shooting “can never happen here…but those same people are the ones who saw the signs and never said anything.” He talks about the telltale signs – being bullied, obsessed with guns and posting on social media about shooting up the school. As the camera pans back, we see the boy has an arsenal of weapons on his bed. He locks and loads a magazine into his assault rifle and states, “I’m sure tomorrow somebody will wish they had said something,” as he hoists his gun.
The video ends with a picture of the Say Something app on a mobile phone with the tag, “Learn the signs. Say something.”
Agency: BBDO New York
Client: Sandy Hook Promise
Media: OMD
Press: Dini von Mueffling Communications
Tags: United States
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The Community: Victoria Beer 'Victoria Beer by the community'

Agency: The Community
Client: Victoria Beer
Date: March 2018
Although Victoria stands as Mexico’s oldest beer brand, Constellation Brands brought Victoria to the US in 2010 and tapped the community to introduce the iconic beer brand to US audiences in 2016.
In its third U.S. marketing campaign for Victoria, the community builds on the “Proudly Mexican” ethos it created for the beer brand. Beloved brand spokesperson Gregorio, the American guy who’s becoming more culturally Mexican each day, returns for a series of three spots that will run in Spanish across TV, social, digital, and radio.
The first spot, 'Caguama,' opens with Gregorio’s friends requesting a Caguama (a 32-ounce beer) while they watch television. Initially, Gregorio brings them an assortment of incorrect items, such as a type of parrot called a Guacayama. Eventually, he discovers – or, rather, rediscovers – the “Vicky Caguama,” the giant, 32-ounce bottle of Victoria emerging proudly while his friends applaud the discovery.
In the second spot, “Grito,” (Scream) Gregorio works to correctly execute “El Grito” in multiple everyday situations, which his friends have taught him. The third and final spot features Gregio struggling to succeed at “Zafo,” the famous Mexican game similar to the American “Not It!” game. As a whole, the campaign comedically highlights the value of sharing culture – and a Vicky Caguama.
Team Credits
Agency: the community
Chief Creative Officers: Jose Molla and Joaquin Molla
VP, Executive Creative Director: Ricky Vior
Associate Creative Director: Federico Díaz
Sr. Copywriter: Daniel Gonzalez Milan
Sr. Art Director: Rodolfo Fernandez
VP of Integrated Production: Laurie Malaga
Senior Producer: Julio Rangel
Account Director: Agustina Massa
Account Supervisor: Erika Rivera
Account Coordinator: Rachel Startz
Sr. Director of Strategy: Jeff Beck
Sr. Strategist: Bernardo Guzman
Manager of Creative Services: Maru Solowoski
Production Company: Gloria // The Maestros
Director: Rodrigo Valdes
Executive Producer Partner: Eric Bonniot
Director of Photography: Daniel Fernandez Abello
Offline Editing House: The Makers Lab
Editor: Pablo Alberdi
Producer: Nadia Bowen
Color Correction/VFX: CO3
Executive Producer: Alexandra Lubrano
Colorist: Sofie Borup
Audio Mix: The Makers Lab
Producer: Nadia Bowen
Mixer/Engineer: Jeannine Guenther
Client Credits
Company: Constellation Brands
Brand: Victoria Beer
Sr. VP & Chief Marketing Officer: Jim Sabia
Sr. Brand Director, Marketing: Matt Escalante
Brand Manager, Marketing: Maddy Zingle
Tags: North America
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Cut+Run: Veterans for Gun Reform 'PSA'

Agency: Cut+Run
Client: Veterans for Gun Reform
Date: March 2018
Cut+Run and editor Ben McCambridge are part of a creative team including writer/director and veteran Kyle Hausmann-Stokes and producer Ellen Utrecht who have united to craft a persuasive and moving PSA for Veterans for Gun Reform. The PSA stars military veterans of all genders, ages, ethnicities and military backgrounds. Their message is clear, “...we carried the M4/M16, we know its power first hand, and there is no reason it should be for sale in this country.”
When it comes to national security, we often look to military veterans for leadership and informed opinions. With domestic mass shootings now claiming more lives than any other form of terrorism, and in the wake of yet another school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the voices of military veterans carry more weight than ever. The debate on gun control is complicated. And there are many citizens who feel it may be somehow un-American or unpatriotic to support a ban on certain firearms.
But it’s not. And hearing this message from those who have served in the armed forces can be at once inspiring, reassuring and empowering.
Production Company: MikeTeevee
Writer/Director: Kyle Hausmann-Stokes
Producer: Ellen Utrecht
Cinematographer: Sean Conaty
Production Design: Paula Loos
Production Manager: Jordan Levine
Editorial: Cut+Run
Editor: Ben McCambridge
Managing Partner: Michelle Eskin
EP: Amburr Farls
Producer: Evan Cunningham
Music: Human Music
Color: Beau Leon, Framestore,
Still Photography: Audrey Ma
Design: Noisey
Tags: United States, post production, Tv/Film Production, film
Veterans for Gun Reform PSA
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BBH LA: March for Our Lives 'Color For Our Lives'

Agency: BBH LA
Client: March for Our Lives
Date: March 2018

With Saturday’s March For Our Lives to end gun violence in schools drawing hundreds of thousands of students and families to the streets, BBH LA supported the students’ plans to involve many through social media with 'Color For Our Lives' - the first-ever Instagram coloring book.

Collaborating with students, BBH LA created a series of digital protest posters with slogans such as 'Don’t Shoot Us,' 'ABC Not NRA' and 'Guns Kill.' People could download the poster pack and customize it with color, gifs and emojis to strengthen and personalize the messages. Students, celebrities and influencers shared their posters across social channels and had them printed and in hand for march day.

"These students are literally fighting to make it safer for my kids to go to school. That's why we had to get involved. It's the difference between life and death for students everywhere,” said Zach Hilder, executive creative director of BBH LA. “We wanted to give them tools to elevate their voices, create a way to unify their message and allow everyone to participate in the March - even those who can’t attend in person. That's the inspiration for Color For Our Lives."


Client: March For Our Lives
Agency: BBH LA
Executive Creative Director: Zach Hilder
Creative Director: Johnnie Ingram
Sr. Designer: Jimmy Carroll
Account: Whit Cavanah
Worldwide CCO: Pelle Sjoenell
CEO: Frances Great
Head of Strategy: Agathe Guerrier

Tags: United States