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With the premiere of Steven Spielberg’s much-anticipated blockbuster film, Ready Player One, debuting tonight (March 26), all eyes in the film world are on the action-adventure film, and that includes burger chain Carl’s Jr. To celebrate the film and its acclaimed director, the fast-food restaurant thought it would be fun to change the name of its latest campaign for its Charbroiled Sliders to ‘SpielBurgers.’

In a series of short films, Carl’s Jr. essentially burger-ized some of the director’s most famous flicks, by introducing the SpielBurgers with films that recreate iconic scenes from classic movies.

In a Jurassic Park tribute, the camera pans out from a jungle shot to view a menacing T-Rex with a burger body. A Jaws short shows a burger-headed shark approaching an innocent swimmer. A Close Encounters of the Third Kind short shows the alien spaceship as a burger, while ET becomes a burger in a basket. There is also a burger preview of Ready Player One.

The chain claims on social media that it is has not spoken to the director about the promo, but they are “going to try to get his attention.” Carl’s Jr. is showing its support for Ready Player One on Twitter as well as showing the other cheesy tribute films on the platform, while acknowledging that Spielberg has not signed off on the films, but they think “he’s cool with it.”

Carl's Jr. promotes 'SpielBurgers' on Twitter

The chain also created a movie poster with one of the SpielBurgers.

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