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Entertainment retailer Game is flouting its second-hand trade-in service with a dark but funny ad, created by Family – Shortlist Media's in-house publishing studio

The 30-second spot shows a father handing down a game to his son. "When I was 14 this game was all I wanted," the father says before going on to explain how since money was tight his own father took a second job just to pay for it.

He explains: "He was away so much Mum took a second lover," before going to on to say that the stress drove his dad "to an early grave". 

Despite the sob story, the son gleefully skips off to game to trade-in the title for something better. 

The spot marks the first ad created by Family for the brand, with the spot poised to air across the Channel 4 network, Dave and BT sports.

The campaign coincides with the launch of Game's upcoming comedy gaming programme Playing for Time, hosted by comedian Rob Beckett, which will air on C4 on 30 March.

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