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The Marketing Group’s blockchain-backed agency Truth  has deployed an advertising campaign using blockchain smart contract technology.

According to a company statement, the campaign, which ran across a national publisher - The Guardian - for 10 days until 19 March 2018, saw Truth fully disclose all fees involved to the client.

The demand side platform (DSP) used in the campaign was Avocet and the exchange used was Sonobi. Truth further said that all companies disclosed fees with the client prior to the campaign.

Truth's chief executive officer, Mary Keane-Dawson said: “There are so many myths around blockchain’s use in advertising that need to be exploded. The success of this campaign proves that blockchain in advertising is not ten years away – it is here today; it is fast enough, it provides the view that advertisers are demanding and it will deliver a cleaner media supply chain with 100% transparency.” 

Nicholas Titmus, director, Buyer Suite,Sonobi, said: “Truth's manifesto and philosophy has real synergies with Sonobi. Truth is helping brands regain faith within the industry by bringing true transparency to the supply chain, removing wastage and more importantly eradicating hidden margins. Sonobi enables Truth and its brands to engage directly with real people as defined by the brand.”