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Political consultant Mark Jablonowski predicts that Facebook won't lack for political ads during this year's campaign season despite the rancor caused by Russian election meddling and a massive data leak.

"For the time being, people are still on Facebook, and political advertisers want to advertise where their constituents are," says Jablonowski, partner and chief technology officer at DSPolitical, a digital ad firm that serves Democrats.

Facebook has grown into a colossus in campaign spending, serving up a rich bounty of intimate data that is used to target potential voters from among its online audience of more than 200 million monthly users in the U.S. Campaign spending on Facebook and other digital media will rise to an estimated $600 million this year, compared with about $250 million in 2014, the last congressional election year without a presidential contest. That's roughly one-fifth of the money expected to be spent on campaigns this year and Facebook is poised to get three-fifths of that.

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