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Welcome to Ad Age's Wake-Up Call, our daily roundup of advertising, marketing, media and digital news. What people are talking about today: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, waiting five days to address the scandal roiling his company, embarked on a very belated damage-control tour that included writing a blog post and giving interviews to Recode, Wired, The New York Times and CNN. He used the term a "breach of trust" to describe the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which a political data firm linked to Donald Trump's 2016 election campaign gained access to information on some 50 million Facebook users. He also vowed to be more protective of Facebook user data and audit any developer that may have gotten hold of it. Is it too little, too late? Media Matters says there may be replicas of Cambridge Analytica's ill-gotten data still out there, Ad Age's Garett Sloane writes. To critics, Sloane says, "Zuckerberg's plan seems like closing the barn door after the horses ran off with 50 million bales of hay."

Here are 4 things to know from the attempt at damage control:

1. Zuckerberg says maybe Facebook needs regulation after all. "I actually am not sure we shouldn't be regulated," he tells CNN. "I think there are things like ads transparency regulation that I would love to see," he said, apparently talking about a bill in the Senate for transparency in election ads.

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