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The Advertising Association has unfurled its colours to the mast of continued ‘deep alignment’ between the UK and Europe on data protection once Britain departs the continental club.

In a statement the AA called on the European Commission to "secure a new and positive relationship between the EU and UK following Brexit that will recognise the UK’s deep alignment with the EU on data protection policy".

In order to achieve this the advertising body believes that the Information Commissioner's Office must continue to fully participate in the European Data Protection Board, particularly as GDPR regulation will be fully in force from 25 May.

The statement read: “The transfer and use of user data is an essential element in cross-border trade in every sector. European Commission figures show that the data economy was worth almost €300 billion in 2016 and has a projected value of €739 billion by 2020. 

“Striking such a deal would be vital for the European economy, and in particular for the thousands of businesses that thrive and rely on being able to exchange personal data freely across EU borders.”

By doing so the AA believes both Europe and Britain can minimise disruption to consumers and businesses, safeguarding the advertising and marketing sectors of the EU econom, which at €643 billion represents 4.6% of overall EU GDP.

The AA has previously warned that Britain's advertising industry could be undermined if non-British workers decide to quit the country.