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Goodby Silverstein & Partners: Tostitos 'Get Together Already'

Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Client: Tostitos
Date: March 2018
Chip brand Tostitos has enlisted leather-jacked action star Jean-Claude Van Damme to help bring friends together, so he doesn’t have to replace your friends at gatherings.
The campaign encourages people to get together throughout the year and Van Damme is the catalyst for the new tagline for the brand, “Get Together Already.”  
In a series of spots by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Van Damme humorously offers advice on the importance of getting together with your friends. Because if you don’t, he says, they might replace you with someone else. Someone cooler, more inspiring and way more muscular. Like Jean-Claude Van Damme. So, he essentially commands people to get together, or they might get “Van Dammed.”
Van Damme is also seen in short 6- and 15-second spots, promoting the ease of having Tostitos products at parties where friends gather, even calling the signature corn chip ‘friendchips’.
Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
Client: Tostitos
Tags: United States

MullenLowe: JetBlue Card 'Flip the Forecast'

Agency: MullenLowe
Client: JetBlue Card
Date: March 2018
JetBlue wants people to tell the airline, through an Instagram video, why they need to get to a place where the forecast is different from their current one. Using the hashtag #FlipTheForecast, potential travelers are tasked to create a video telling JetBlue Card which city they live in and why they need to flip their forecast. It could be someone in Massachusetts longing to get away from the cold, or someone in Arizona eager to build a snowman. It just needs to be a different climate. Winners of the contest will get two roundtrip tickets on JetBlue.
To promote the contest, which ends March 18, JetBlue parked branded Airstream trailers in two drastically different locales, Boston and San Diego, connecting customers at each destination through a livestream video experience.
Participants on both ends had a chance to win a pair of roundtrip tickets to the opposite location. The catch was that to successfully ‘Flip the Forecast’ each person had to convince the other and agree to swap locations with the other. 
Agency: MullenLowe
Client: JetBlue Card
Tags: United States
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Y&R Group: United States Navy 'Test and Audition'

Agency: Y&R Group
Client: United States Navy
Date: March 2018
Following the soft launch of their rebrand at the Army / Navy game, the full recruitment campaign for the US Navy has launched on CBS Sports with a full March Madness buy. As the Navy seeks to reach a new generation of recruits, the two new films showcase the breadth and depth of opportunity that the Navy offers.
Each film stars actual sailors, and the voiceovers are done by members of the Navy in order to truly make this campaign be the voice of the brand. The campaign is an opportunity for the Navy to reach Centennials as they enter recruitment-eligible age -- to build awareness of the brand, to evolve perception of the Navy’s purpose, to define what sets the Navy apart from other branches, and to demonstrate the wide range of career opportunities they offer.
In order to connect with Gen Z, the recruit films will be promoted across digital platforms and will include media spend on Hulu, ESPN, TBS, FX, FOX and TNT among others.
Chief Creative Officer - Leslie Sims  
Executive Creative Director – Ryan Blum
Senior Copywriter – Megan Lee
Art Director -  Kolby Osborne
Copywriter – Bruce Jacobson
Art Director – Alan Vladusic
Executive Director of Integrated Production – Greg Lotus
Executive Producer -  Mathieu Shrontz
Executive Producer/ Head of Music – Lauriana Zuguala
Freelance Music Producer – Theresa Notortomaso
Senior Business Manager – Erin Levine
Global Client Lead -  Ken Dowling
Account Director – Rebecca Zeits
Account Executive – Justin Bateman
President – David Zander
Director -  Rupert Sanders
Executive Producer – Kate Leahy
Producer – Adriana Cebada Mora
Director of Photography – Dariusz Wolski
Work Editorial
Executive Producer – Erica Thompson
Producer – Jamie Lynn Perritt
Editor – Neil Smith
MAS – Music and Strategy
Executive Producer: James Alvich
Senior Producer: Joey Reyes
Composer: Eric Hachikian 
Sound Designer: Bill Chesley
Producer:  Kate Gibson
Creative Director - Michael Gregory
VFX supervisor, lead compositor - Jim Spratling
CG Lead - Josh Hatton
Colorist - Mark Gethin
Color Producer - Rebecca Boorsma
Executive Producer – Elexis Stearn
Producer - Jamie Loudon
Production Coordinator - Madeline Austin Kulat
Heard City
Engineer – Keith Reynaud
Managing Director – Gloria Pitagorsky
Tags: United States
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The Martin Agency: Geico 'Karate'

Agency: The Martin Agency
Client: Geico
Date: March 2018
The stress of moving can lead to interesting ways of relieving frustration, or so that's the concept of a new spot for Geico.
The ad, by the Martin Agency, is part of a new campaign by the insurance company called 'Get to Know Geico', which features its homeowners insurance products rather than its usual auto insurance push.
In the spot titled 'Karate,' a middle aged couple is seen in their front yard. The wife places logs on a stump while her wiry, sweater-vested husband effortlessly splits the logs barehanded. A neighbor then cycles up in his recumbent bike, asking if the couple is OK. They announce that they are about to move and that karate helps with stress relief.
The neighbor assures that at least the insurance process will be a non stressor for them, as Geico homeowners insurance is easy and helpful. The couple then nonchalantly breaks through their walls to make the call to the insurance provider.
Assistant Vice President, Marketing: Joe Pusateri
AVP, Marketing: Bill Brower
Marketing Director, Media, Advertising: Melissa Halicy
Brand Team Marketing Manager: Gary Aurand
Brand Team Supervisor: Tom Perlozzo
Brand Team Planner: Brighid Griffin
Brand Team Planner: Julia Nass
Brand Team Buyer: Tim Ware
Group Creative Director: Steve Bassett
Creative Director: Neel Williams
Creative Director: Dave Gibson
Associate Creative Director: Mauricio Mazzariol
Group Account Director: Ben Creasey
Account Supervisor: Allison Hensley
Account Supervisor: Jon Glomb
Account Executive: Allie Waller
Account Coordinator: Abbey Reddington
Project Manager: Natalie Franzyk Meyer
Executive Producer: Brett Alexander
Content Producer: Brian Fox
Junior Content Producer: Mary Alice Williams
Broadcast Business Affairs Supervisor: Suzanne Wieringo
Production Company: Dummy
Director: Harold Einstein
Executive Producer: Eric Liney
Director of Photography: Jay Feather
Post Production/Edit: Arcade Edit
Editor: Dave Anderson
Assistant Editor: Samuel Barden
Producer: Gavin Carroll
Post Production/Audio: Heard City
Mixer: Michael Vitacco
Executive Producer: Sasha Awn
Producer: Andrea Lewis
Post Production/VFX: The Mill LA
Colorist: Gregory Reese
Executive Creative Director: Phil Crowe
VFX Supervisor: Tara Demarco
VFX Supervisor: Matt Fuller
Producer: Alex Bader
Tags: United States
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Epsilon Agency: Nature's Way 'The Way We Grow Together'

Agency: Epsilon Agency
Client: Nature's Way
Date: February 2018
Filmed and produced by Epsilon Agency in Spain, Chile and North America, this new campaign aims to remind audiences of the benefits of nature, while amplifying Nature’s Way’s vision: to deliver uncompromising quality and help people find their way to wellness.
'The Way We Grow Together' brings Nature’s Way’s unique story to life, highlighting how nature provides the brand’s herbs and supplement product ingredients while aligning with the values of key audiences: wellness, authenticity and sustainability.
John Immesoete, Chief Creative Officer
Janet Barker-Evans, Executive Creative Director
Greg Akouris, Executive Creative Director
Wes Henry, Creative Director
Kathy Sullivan, Creative Manager
Kathryn Greer, Copywriter
Michael Hefner, Art Director
Daniel Vaneps, Senior Art Director
Tags: United States
Nature's Way Goes Where Herbs Grow Best (:30 Version)
Nature's Way Goes Where Herbs Grow Best (:60 Version)
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DDB Chicago: State Farm 'Here to Help _ Go Right'

Agency: DDB Chicago
Client: State Farm
Date: March 2018

State Farm’s “Here to Help _____ Go Right” campaign is the next chapter in the 'Here to help life go right' brand platform, this new campaign will bring further meaning and context to State Farm’s multi-year brand reframe.

Created by DDB Chicago, 'Here to Help ___ Go Right' is a fully integrated campaign anchored by five new spots that feature real State Farm agents from across the country. The creative sheds some humorous light on a variety of insurance moments, both expected and unexpected, to show how State Farm — and their many agents — are there to help when misfortune strikes.

In each spot, the blank is filled in with a new story demonstrating the breadth of ways State Farm can help it go right. 

'Here to Help __ Go Right' will run nationally across broadcast, OLV, radio, social and digital.


Client: State Farm

·      Pat Culligan: AVP – Marketing

·      Patty Morris: Director of Brand Content & Development

·      Troy Johnson: Marketing Manager

·      Jessica Soddy: Content Strategy Manager

·      Tim Thomas: Marketing Analyst

·      James Stahly: Marketing Analyst

·      Nick Rynerson: Marketing Analyst

·      Jessica Peres: Marketing Analyst


Agency: DDB Chicago

·      Chief Creative Officer, DDB North America: Ari Weiss

·      Chief Creative Officer, DDB Chicago: John Maxham

·      Chief Production Officer: Diane Jackson

·      Executive Creative Director: Mel Routhier

·      Group Creative Director: John Hayes

·      Creative Director, Art Director: Brian Culp

·      Creative Director, Copywriter: Katie Bero

·      Creative Director, Art Director: Christopher Bruney

·      Creative Director, Copywriter: Adam Cook

·      Executive Producer: Amy Turner

·      Executive Producer: Mary Cheney

·       Producer: Meghan Gross

·       Group Strategy Director: Jesse Bayer

·      Strategist: Amanda Schuneman

·       Group Account Director: Ben Gladstone

·       Account Director: Veronica Zamiar

·       Account Supervisor: Oliver Glenn

·       Account Executive: Amanda Ouellette

Production for:

·      “Pothole”

·      “She Shed”

Production Company: MJZ

·      Director: Craig Gillespie

·      Executive Producer: Emma Wilcockson

·      Producer: Martha Davis

Editorial: Whitehouse

·      Editor: Matthew Wood

·      Assistant Editor: Meaghan Rahamut

·      Producer: Dawn Guzowski

Audio Post: The Studio

·      Audio Engineer:  Nicholas Papaleo

·      Audio Engineer:  Justin Mayer

·      Audio Producer: Cameron Aper

VFX/Finish: 8VFX

·      Executive Producer: Shira Boardman

·      Producer: Ryan Dahlman

·      Creative Director: Jean-Marc Demmer

·      VFX/CG Supervisor: Julien Forest

·      Senior Crowd TD: Tanner Owen

·      Modeler: Leticia Saldana

·      Rigger: Thomas Lopez

·      Designer: Jaguar Lee

·      Lead Flame Compositor: Talia Gleason

·      Nuke Compositor: Jerry Hall

Color Grading: Company 3

·      Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld

·      Color Producer: Katie Andrews

Music: Comma

·      Bonny Dolan - EP

·      Leigh Salzman - Senior Producer

·      Peter Schmidt - Composer

·      Matt Kelly - Composer


Production for:

·         “Awkward Photo”

·         “Sir Robert”

·         “Shopping Cart”


Production Company: Hungry Man

·         Executive Producer: Caleb Dewart

·         Director: Dave Laden

·         Producer: Justin Diener


Editorial: Whitehouse

·         Editor: Brain Gannon

·         Executive Producer: Kristin Angeletti

·         Senior Producer: Dawn Guzkowski

·         Assistant Editor: Allison Marach


Audio Post: The Studio

·         Audio Engineer:  Nicholas Papaleo

·         Audio Engineer:  Justin Mayer

·         Audio Producer: Cameron Aper

Post Production: Carbon

·         Managing Director: Phil Linturn

·         Senior Producer: Kate Soczka

·         Creative Director: Rob Churchill

Post Production: The Mill

·         Senior Color Producer: Liza Kerlin

·         Color Artist: Matthew Osborne

Music: Heavy Duty Projects

·         Executive Music Producer: Kate Urcioli

·         Music Producer: Dylan Bostick


Tags: United States