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London-based indie Now has unveiled a series of diptychs contrasting the prevailing sexism of the 1910s with the continuing misogyny of today.

‘Same sexism, different century’, was devised by Now’s associate creative director Sarah Levitt. In each campaign execution, a poster from the anti-suffragette movement is shown alongside a new print – similar in style yet featuring copy taken from the misogynists of today’s Twitter users.

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The similarities of the two aim to show how sexism still occurs, 100 years since the first British women were allowed to vote.

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"I can't believe that people today still think about women in this way,” said Levitt, who makes alcoholic candyfloss in her spare time. “These views really don't belong in this century, and this campaign goes some way to highlight that yes, it's been 100 years since women got the vote, but gender equality is still a long way off."